Social Media Tip Number 2

Make Competitions a Winner for Your Business Too

Over the next few weeks we'll be giving you some simple, easy to implement tips on to make Social Media work for you. Our first tip focussed on selecting a small handful of the Social Media sites that work inline with your marketing goals rather than trying to be involved with every Social Media site out there.

We can now reveal that our Social Media tip number 2 is:

Make Competitions a Winner For Your Business Too

Competitions are a great way to get people involved with your Social Media. They can be a used to increase you likes, repin your photos and retweet your comments.

To make the most of competitions here a few handy ideas:

Make it fun - This sounds pretty obvious but the more fun and interesting a competition is the more people will enter. So instead of boring your followers by asking them to answer a true or false question, why not get people to share their favourite holiday pictures on Pinterest or funniest memories on Facebook.

Make it easy - Everyone is busy! If it’s too complicated and time-consuming people just won’t bother.

Make it attainable - We’ve all done it-seen a competition and thought "Why bother? I’ve got no chance of winning." Try to encourage the 'got to be in to win it attituide' by offering more than one chance to win and by including runner-up prizes.

Make it useful – Don’t just ask people to like you on Facebook (for them to like you once and never return to your page) but instead use it to collect information about your followers' dream holidays-use it to get ideas about what your customers want or don’t want on their holidays. Increase interaction by getting your followers involved in voting for and deciding the winner.

Overall the key to a good competition is to make it worthwhile for your company too.

Good luck!