Social Media Tip Number 3

Keep Up with Social Media

Last week we shared ideas on how to make the most of competitions. This week our no-nonsense social media tip is all about keeping pace with social media.


Keep Your Content Up-To-Date

One of the great things about social media is how fast news travels; within minutes comments are retweeted and images repinned. But this is also means that content can become out of date very quickly. Therefore to make sure that your social media works for your business you need to ensure that it is updated regularly.

When we sign up for social media sites we all have good intentions of keeping it up to date, but more often than not this enthusiasm dwindles as higher priority jobs take precedence.

Make Time

One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to assign dedicated time to actually keep your social media up to date. Don’t just see it as an extra add-on but treat the updating of your profiles and pages as an important part of you marketing strategy. Allow time for researching and writing relevant and interesting content.

Share Ideas

Now don’t all rush off and ask the youngest (and therefore presumably the coolest) member of your team to be solely responsible for updating your tweets etc. Just because they are young doesn't automatically mean they are the only person for the job. Share ideas and share the responsibility of updating your content with various members of your team but remember to allow dedicated time.


It may also be worth considering investing in a social media dashboard. There are numerous tools in the market now for updating, monitoring and managing several social media outlets at once. Many now allow you to schedule your messages and tweets in advance and let you analyse your social media traffic. That way you can see perhaps what content is working for you on what is not.

Again although dashboards can save time you need to do your research into what social media sites they support and which will most fit with your goals. You also still need to make sure that your content is interesting, relevant and that you do keep an eye of world events. In the past, some companies have come across in a bad light as pre-scheduled tweets have been seen as insensitive following tragedies or conflicts.