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The Benefits of Content Managed Websites

One of the most useful features of a content management system (CMS) is that once it is up and running you can practically take control of it yourself. We operate from a simple and straight forward CMS which is Umbraco CMS. We are proud certified Umbraco and Sitecore partners. Having your own CMS allows you to take control over your website and edit and make changes when you wish. 

What are the Advantages of Content Managed Websites?

It often works out as more cost-effective because you can write and publish your own content yourself. It allows you to focus on SEO because adding optimised content is a good way to improve your organic search ranking. You can keep your website up to date which will be more interesting for your readers as there is fresh content.

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There are more SEO benefits because of CMS as you have the ability to create keyword-rich URLs. Instead of an automatically generated URL that is made up of numbers and letters, you can use keywords that are relevant to the content of the page to build up the URL and give yourself an even bigger SEO boost. Alongside several different features that help with SEO like header tags in the page (h1, h2, etc.), bullet points, easy to read content and much more! If you need help with SEO for your website, we offer this service to help business rank higher and have a site with fresh interesting content.


A content managed website is also considered a good tool for businesses wishing to carry out online marketing. Various modules allow you to add features such as social media compatibility and newsletters so that you can keep in touch with your customers and encourage them to share your content across their own social networks.

Other modules could include polls, forums and recent news, all of which can encourage more traffic to visit your website and encourage more engagement on your content. 


Another feature of a content management system is that it allows different authors to write and post content with ease. So your company can work together more collaboratively and keep your website updated with content. While another benefit is that it allows you to schedule your content updates by writing a draft and setting a date to publish it.

Additionally, content and design are kept separate, so any changes to the design will not affect the content. This means the content that is uploaded won't change unless you want to edit it if you decide to change the design of your site.


Essentially, your website should be yours to do what you want with. You should have the freedom and control to make updates to the content when you want to, without having to pay a designer or developer to make such changes for you. This service allows you to do exactly that. Whether you want to post your opinion on an important industry topic, add new modules for your customers or improve your SEO, content managed websites allow you to take back control.

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