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Here at CSI Media, we love design, and can offer you a range of exciting design services including branding, print design, digital design and web design. An excellent brochure showcasing your product or service offering can really impress current and prospective clients, whilst a well-designed website can increase conversions and, subsequently, sales. We understand that standing out amongst competitors can be challenging, which is why our team of highly accomplished designers will craft memorable designs that enhance and promote your company’s personality and engage potential consumers. Consumer psychology is paramount to our designers whom understand the importance of positioning, colour and font in attracting attention and engaging people.

Web Design

We have 20 years’ experience in designing and developing websites. Your website is your number one marketing tool, and our team of highly skilled designers and developers work in collaboration to create beautiful websites that provide visitors with a unique, user-friendly experience. Thorough research and wire-framing phases allow us to properly understand your aims and objectives, your current limitations, the demographic of your audience - essentially, everything we need to know to develop the most effective website for you. Next follows the exciting part; the design stage. User-Interface Design, User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping and Responsive Design processes are undertaken to maximise a website’s potential for usability, attractiveness and efficiency. Finally, validation and optimisation provide us with an opportunity to test the website’s performance and fine tune design features.

Digital Design

Digital design is an amazing way to directly communicate your message, support text passages and add a bit of colour and imagination to your marketing portfolio. As part of our digital design portfolio, we offer creative services in video, animations, infographics, iconography, newsletter templates and software interface designs. Videos and animations are creative, immersive ways to engage your audience, and can really set you apart from your competitors. Infographics can be used to display data, information and processes in a visually impressive format, whilst iconography can be used to support text content and define a brand identity.  Our design team can create visually impressive templates for newsletters, improving readability. We also provide design for software, providing you with eye-catching, slick interfaces that improve efficiency.

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Branding is a core concept of design. Your brand image (how people perceive you) is strongly influenced by your brand identity. Brand identity includes your logo, tone of voice, imagery and typography. CSI Media’s design team have more than ten years’ experience in providing strategic and design skills within a branding context. We can create a stunning logo, develop a strong and compelling tone of voice and develop exciting imagery. Each of these will have an impact on how current and potential clients perceive your brand. Frequently, a logo and tone of voice are the first encounter between a potential client and your company; this first encounter has a big impact on consumer perception!

Print Design

Print design can play a pivotal role to play in your marketing and advertising communications.  Despite the pronounced growth in digital design and website popularity, in our experience, print material can be just as effective in determining an organisation’s brand identity and, ultimately, success. A beautifully designed brochure or leaflet can really impress prospective clients. Flyers, exhibition stands, catalogues, billboards, packaging design and stickers are just examples of some of the other print design services that we offer. 

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