Digital Design

Here at CSI Media, we like to stay ahead of industry trends, which is why our team of designers love to immerse themselves in the dynamic and exciting field of digital design. We create eye-catching infographics and icons which engage and add a touch of personality which organisations often have in bundles, but often fail to portray. As part of our digital design portfolio, we craft visually impressive email newsletters. We also love animation, whether it’s for a website banner, paid campaign, or visuals for your reception or boardroom areas.

Iconography Design Digital Designs


We highly recommend the implementation of iconography across webpages, email campaigns, apps and social media because they grab attention, reinforce your brand identity, encourage interaction and increase memorability. Our design team love to create eye-catching icons, and strategically place them for optimal engagement.

Digital Designs Video Production


Our most creative and technical minds join forces to create high-quality, bespoke video, whether you're looking for a powerful documentary, an engaging e-learning resource or a descriptive tutorial. We can manage the entire process from planning to filming to post-production.


Infographics are a visually impressive way to present data, information and processes in a way that captivates your audience. 65% of the population are primarily visual learners. The remaining 35% use visual styles to comprehend information and support their primary learning style. Therefore, infographics are an effective way to inform, reinforce and ingrain ideas and concepts. We develop stunning infographics for a variety of purposes including key statistical data such as financial information and marketing analyses, to complex processes including IT strategies and service plans. Other examples include political campaigns, environmental targets and company structures.


Animations are an exciting, dynamic way to help add a bit of energy to your brand. Our front-end design and development team work closely to create high-quality custom animations that are visually impressive and work efficiently with your website.


A newsletter is a formal email sent to subscribers, and is typically used to communicate high-value content on a regular basis. Your subscribers will expect high-quality newsletters, otherwise they may unsubscribe…  We design and develop beautiful templates in HTML, implement eye-catching graphics and advise you on content decisions to maximise engagement.