Email Marketing

We work with our clients to provide a strategy to maximise click-throughs and conversions. This strategy may sometimes integrate with our other digital services such as web and branding design. We work with you to help your emails grab attention and communicate effectively through content marketing. Our team also design all of the email templates for you as well as break these up into email-friendly code that works in Outlook and Gmail, as well as Mobile and tablet email clients. Our email templates are designed to work across all devices.

Email Marketing Campaign

Can your business benefit from email marketing?

Our email marketing services provide a highly effective way for businesses to market themselves to a large number of people whilst keeping their marketing costs down. This form of marketing is an excellent way to win more customers, grow your business and a great retention method but to fully take advantage of it you should make sure you use a quality system.

Increase your customer base

With our email marketing services, you can target your customers with valuable marketing emails and alert them to the latest products and special offers that you have running. By consistently providing your customers with value, your customers are more likely to open the emails as they will see it as news worthy not spam. Your email campaigns can help increase your conversions and the numbers of customers you have. This is a very popular method of online marketing.

Up-sell to your customers

Marketing by email is a great way to up-sell to your current customers by providing them with details of your latest special offers. These previous customers have already shown an interest in your services and they are therefore more likely to make a purchase than new customers, so this is an excellent way to make more sales.

An email mailing list is a powerful marketing tool and you do not just have to restrict it to your own products. You can also take advantage of selling other companies’ products via an affiliate scheme to use your list to its full potential.

Use a service that leads to results

Whatever purpose you have in mind when hiring a company to help you with your emails, make sure that you use a company which has a good system in place as this will improve your results. This means a company which: is fully compliant with CAN-SPAM procedures to reduce spam has a system that is easy to use, allowing you to set up your campaigns with ease provides complete analysis so that you can adjust your campaign to make it more effective.