Integrated Campaigns

Integrated campaigns are an exciting type of marketing campaign which combine lots of our favourite marketing techniques to promote your company to a wide target market. Whether it’s a big promotional push, the launch of a new product or service, or something a little more specific like a special offer, integrated campaigns are an excellent way to immerse your audience and really make sure everyone knows about you!

Marketing Integrated Campaign - Brochure

What is an Integrated Campaign?

Integrated campaigns work by using a multifaceted approach with a combination of marketing techniques. The evolution of digital marketing techniques provide organisations with a plethora of creative tools to compliment traditional marketing ideas.

Marketing techniques involve website design and production, video, brochures, leaflets, email campaigns, radio advertisements and billboards.  

These marketing techniques are implemented to complement one another and encourage the momentum of the campaign and message to grow. 

Each campaign is truly unique; what works for one client may not work for another. These campaigns are usually long-term projects and the message is consistent.