Mobile Applications

Is your website mobile ready?

The world is going mobile, and although many businesses already have their own websites, the problem now is that not everyone is accessing the internet in the same way. As four out of five UK adults own a smartphone - this is equivalent to 37 million people - you will want to make sure your business is meeting this need. Many more people are now accessing the internet via mobile web applications and if you don't have website that caters for this sector, this will pose a number of issues for businesses. 

You're missing out if your site isn't mobile friendly

For businesses which currently only have a standard website, this means now is the time to get prepared. If people cannot get access to your content via a mobile device then you will be missing out on new customers and sales. As in the UK, the most popular method to browse the internet is though a mobile device. 

Standard websites when accessed via mobile devices can often create problems for the user. These problems can be:

  • Difficult to view
  • Slow to load
  • Frustrating to use
  • Images and writing can lose their formatting
  • Everything won't fit onto the screen so users can be scrolling left and right

This can force people to leave too early and miss out on important information, meaning if you have a website that isn't mobile friendly then you could be missing out on sales. Many users exit a site that isn't mobile friendly and go to a competitor instead. 

Mobile web applications are one solution to this problem. We have developed a solution for this problem as we can transform your website into a mobile app. This means you can keep your original website operational therefore people can still access it from traditional platforms but also convert it into a mobile application. This will improve the user experience from a mobile point of view which will help reach more customers and sales.

There are a number of possibilities when it comes to the mobile applications that we provide, and you can choose which format is most suitable for you and the products and services that you wish to offer so that people can access your important content in the most appropriate way.

One thing is for certain: you cannot discount the importance of mobile web applications. A standard website is often no longer enough, and businesses that do not take advantage of this now and prepare for the mobile revolution could end up missing out.