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CSI Media is an Umbraco Gold Partner

Umbraco Gold Partner

CSI Media is an Umbraco Gold Partner, the highest level of Umbraco accreditation. Here at CSI Media, we build anything from a beautiful brochure website to a custom enterprise-level system with complex functionality. Contact us to discuss your latest Umbraco project.

Our Experience

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, we have delivered over 70 Umbraco solutions. Our team have extensive experience in Umbraco web design, development, integrations and maintenance. Whatever it is you’re looking for, our team of Umbraco certified developers will work with you to fully understand your requirements; often devising creative, unique solutions that you did not know were even possible.

Umbraco Websites
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Umbraco CMS Website for easyGym

Umbraco Projects

We have designed and built over 70 custom Umbraco solutions for companies across a diverse range of sectors. Please click below for some of our latest Umbraco projects.

Umbraco Website Design for the Cormar Carpet Company
Umbraco Web Design and Development for The Priory Group by CSI Media Cheshire

Why Umbraco?

Umbraco provides an unrivalled content-editing experience for marketers and, as one of the world’s leading CMS platforms, is the preferred solution for over 400,000 companies. Umbraco is an open-source CMS (meaning that you don’t need to pay for a license) that is easy to learn and use for marketers, content editors, designers and developers. However, the true beauty of Umbraco lies with is customisability: With Umbraco, we can achieve pretty much anything from a design and functionality perspective.

Umbraco Features

  • Compatible with all modern browsers and platforms
  • Clean UI with an intuitive layout
  • Industry-standard programming languages (HTML, CSS, AngularJS, C#)
  • A fast and efficient CMS built on clean code
  • Scalability - Expand on your CMS and website with new features in line with business growth
  • Easily build pages and arrange content in any order you wish via page builder tools
  • Manage the content lifecycle (create, modify, approve, publish, unpublish, delete and archive content)
  • Schedule content updates at specific dates and times and view content audit trails
  • Manage content editors’ permission levels for access, authoring, publishing and verifying content
  • Organise photos and videos via a media library
  • Manage Meta Data including Page Title, Meta Description and Alternative URL
  • Build custom functionality on the Umbraco system
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Control 301 redirects
  • Deliver a tailored website user experience based on user behaviour, location and time
  • Automatically send emails when users view specific content
  • View analytics and page performance data within the CMS admin
  • Engage with advanced analytics relating to user behaviour and page performance at a granular level, for example the performance of text changes on a CTA button
  • Sell products and services with e-commerce functionality & payment integration
  • Integrate with proprietary and bespoke systems including CRM, portal and e-commerce platforms for e.g. SharePoint, Microsoft CRM, Salesforce and Hubspot
Umbraco E-Commerce Website Development Merchello

E-Commerce Functionality

Merchello is the official Umbraco e-commerce solution. Here at CSI Media, we integrate Merchello with your Umbraco website, providing a seamless e-commerce experience for customers on your website. Furthermore, you can manage the content on your website and the products within your store via the same Umbraco admin area. Base functionality includes standard product, pricing and checkout technology. However, we can build a custom Merchello solution tailored to your requirements with more advanced functionality.

Umbraco 8 Development by CSI Media

Umbraco 8

Released in 2019, Umbraco 8 is the latest version of the popular CMS platform. Here at CSI Media, we are proud to announce that we are now developing new websites in Umbraco 8. Furthermore, we continue to work with companies on their existing Umbraco solution for ongoing design and development updates, website maintenance and health checks. Please see below for more information on Umbraco 8 and the new features:

CSI Media Umbraco Digital Booklet

Umbraco Digital Booklet

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