Benefits of Using Umbraco to Build Your Website

There are many ways to build websites, but one of the most popular options is to use a content management system (CMS).

One such CMS is Umbraco, and it is this platform that we use to create all of our websites for our clients. We do this because it has a long list of benefits for both us and for you, and here are some of the main ones.

It's Free!

You don't pay anything to use Umbraco, meaning the only thing that you pay for is our design service. The platform is open-source, and this helps you to save money on launching your site.

However, if you download packages to add useful features, these sometimes require a payment.

Because it is open source, you can always use it for free and you are not tied into anything. So if you decide not to use our services in the future, you can simply hire another designer familiar with Umbraco.

Help is Always at Hand

We don't want to just launch your website and leave you on your own. With Umbraco websites, you can take advantage of a huge support community where you can ask your questions and get advice from expert developers. They will be ready to help at any time of the day, so you are never alone.

Perfect for Publishing Content

You probably already know that content is the backbone of any website (just read this guide by Econsultancy if you are not convinced). So it makes sense to use a platform that makes publishing and managing content as simple as possible.

With Umbraco, you can use Microsoft Word to create and publish your content, meaning you can enjoy the familiarity that it provides. You can even save versions of your content so you can revert back and compare them.

Inserting photos and documents is especially easy. The media library is easy to use, and you can manage your photos and other media without having to spend hours learning the process.

The Perfect Way to Start Optimising

You will be in the perfect position to optimise your site when you launch it on Umbraco. SEO requires time and effort after the site is launched, but you want to ensure you are not fighting an uphill battle.

With Umbraco, all websites are ready to start optimising straight away so you can get the most from your marketing efforts once your site is launched.

You Have Control

Want to add a feature like a contact form? It's easy with Umbraco websites. You don't need to be a web designer, and you can simply download a package and install it in a few clicks.

This gives you greater freedom to add features to your site – all without requiring specialist design skills.

Try it Yourself

Launching and maintaining a website is hard work, and you want to ensure that you can focus on tasks like publishing content and attracting visitors rather than wasting time on all the other details. Umbraco allows you to focus on the things you should be doing so that you can create and grow the best website you can. Try it yourself – we think you will like it.