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We have 20 years’ experience in designing and developing websites, with over 500 happy clients including Experian, GoCompare, The Priory Group and National Geographic. We are Umbraco and Sitecore certified partners, meaning that we architect and develop content management systems that allow you to easily upload and manage your content.


CSI Media are proud to be a certified provider of Sitecore XP 8.0 Professional systems. Sitecore is a powerful enterprise level rich content management system built on the Microsoft .NET Framework which offers extensive design and technical solutions including integrated eCommerce capabilities, marketing tools for community, and social media management. All of our Sitecore projects have dedicated design, development and support management teams, ensuring they are delivered to the highest standard.


CSI Media are proud to be a certified provider of Umbraco content management systems. Umbraco is an efficient CMS that allows users to manage website content; text, pictures, slideshows and layout can all be easily updated at the click of a button. Furthermore, Umbraco allows for the integration of booking systems and payment gateways. All of our Umbraco projects have dedicated and experienced developers, having developed over 30 bespoke systems.


CSI Media offer ecommerce packages such as Magento, Merchello, WooCommerce and Shopify as well as providing bespoke, scalable, enterprise technology to fulfil specific requirements. ECommerce provides solutions for online shopping, electronic payment and online auctions. Our highly skilled development team can work with you to develop an effective, slick ecommerce system that works in tandem with your CMS.

Content Management

Almost all of our development tasks involve a content management integration; why wouldn’t you want control over your website? We work with several CMS platforms from the open-source and widely adopted Umbraco and Wordpress to the high-end, marketing and analytically rich, large-scale CMS that is Sitecore. We build on top of your chosen CMS to provide you with the exact functionality you require. Also, just to note, we are an Umbraco and Sitecore certified agency.

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Coding Standards

A good website development project isn’t only about functionality, it is about the architecture of the code, integrated with automated testing, errors handled appropriately, its execution time, security and scalability.


We start the process with a requirements gathering stage which is handled through several meetings between yourselves and us to discuss exactly what you are looking for from your website. We then put a specification together which outlines exactly what we are going to deliver and how we will deliver it. We do this so everyone is on the same page as to what is being delivered for the initial launch.


Once the specification is agreed, we hand this over to the design team who work with you to agree on the User Interface, starting from wireframes and mood boards through to concepts, prototypes and final style guides. The design team will work with real data and analytics to ensure content, experience and performance are at the top of design considerations. Designs are produced for all devices including mobiles, tablets and desktop and customer experience is addressed for each device with the adoption of gestures, interaction and animation.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The designs, once signed off are then handed over to the front-end development team who break-up the designs into HTML code. At this point we carry out testing and several QA checks. This ensures that the standard of the code is of the highest quality and that the breakup matches the designs across all devices; we test the breakup across different browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari.


The design, which has been broken up into HTML, is taken and the functionality, agreed in the specification, is implemented turning it into a working website powered by a content management system and real data. The website then undergoes additional QA and browser checks as well as functional testing. Functional testing ensures that all of the functionality delivered is as agreed, that any bugs or errors are captured and addressed, the website performs well under different levels of load, to prepare for high levels of visitor, ensuring it loads quickly and securely.


The next step is to deploy the website to your test environment and hand it over for you to carry out your own testing and content loading. We provide you with training at our offices to ensure you are comfortable with the content management system and processes. We then address any issues, wait for you to complete content loading and confirm you are ready for the website to be deployed live. All of our projects include warranty periods which ensures there is a period of time after launch to fix any issues that may have slipped through the net.

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