A Jolly-Friendly Environment

We are a jolly-friendly team who pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming nature. Bringing together an expansive array of skills and traits, we always strive to create and craft A* products for our clients. Your passion and talent will help us to develop, but we want you to grow and fulfil your potential too…

.Net Web Developer

We are looking for .NET web developers to join our team. These are challenging yet exciting roles where you will be required to apply your coding skills with limited supervision.

Front-end web developer jobs in Cheshire

Front-End Web Developer

We are looking for a superstar Front-End Web Developer to join our friendly team! This is an exciting opportunity with plenty of rewards...

Junior Web Developer

Are you a recent graduate? Looking for an exciting, dynamic career? Apply now for our latest opportunity as a Junior Web Developer.

10 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Team…

1) We Are Very Friendly & Welcoming!
We are a very friendly and welcoming team, we know it’s a little cheesy but it is like a family here!

2) Career Advancement
If you have the dedication and passion, there will be plenty of opportunities to develop here, and move upwards with greater responsibility and reward.

3) Your Development Is Important to Us…
We care about your development. We want you to do well and we want you to learn and grow. You will have quarterly development sessions, with the opportunity to direct your learning and development.

4) Ongoing Support
Any issue, challenge or question you have, there will always be someone here to help you out. We don’t expect you to know everything!

5) Honesty Is One of Our Core Values…
Honesty is absolutely-key to us and is paramount to all our dealings, both internally and externally.

6) Unique Personalities
We don’t do psychometric tests here at CSI Media. We like passion and friendliness, and we value conscientiousness and honesty. Aside from these traits, we respect you for who you are. We have a diverse, dynamic workforce, and believe that this expansive pool of personality traits really drives us forward.

7) An Approachable Team
From our account management team to the developers, from our designers to the directors, our whole team is full of superstars who are all very approachable!

8) Flexibility
We are flexible with our working patterns. Are you an early bird? Prefer a later working pattern? We understand the pressures of modern-life and will try our best to accommodate accordingly…

9) Office Environment
We really believe we do things a little differently here. We may not have a pool table or grow our own vegetables, but we do have a cool boardroom with lots and lots of cakes, coffee, and a subscription to lots of tech magazines. And not forgetting the most important reason why you should join our team…

10) Sir Wilson
All hail Sir Wilson, our majestic and distinguished leader. A friendly (and very sleepy) canine who loves everyone, but especially those with treats…