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We specialise in developing bespoke, simple-to-use content management systems that give you the power to easily manage and update content on your website. We are Sitecore and Umbraco certified developers with almost 20 years’ experience in creating bespoke, powerful content management systems. Our highly-skilled team of developers know how to design and code an efficient, successful CMS that gives you the chance to showcase your organisation and its offering in whichever creative, unique way you desire, providing a more engaging and immersive experience for visitors to your website.


CSI Media are an Umbraco Gold Partner with a team of Umbraco certified developers. As the preferred solution for over 400,000 companies, Umbraco is a powerful CMS platform that provides an unlimited scope of design and functional possibilities. Marketers appreciate Umbraco’s intuitive UI and a high-level of autonomy over content creation.


A WordPress website is an excellent, cost-effective solution for small businesses and start-ups looking to develop a strong online presence. Here are CSI Media, we deliver high-quality WordPress websites to meet your exact requirements with custom integrations as required.


CSI Media are proud to be a certified Sitecore Silver Partner. Sitecore is a powerful, enterprise-level content management system built on the Microsoft .NET Framework which offers extensive design and technical solutions including integrated e-commerce functionality, analytical capabilities and marketing tools.


This is where it gets very exciting. Our content management systems offer unlimited possibilities for content uploading; pictures, titles, text blocks, slideshows can all be managed via our simple-to-use CMS interface. We listen to your requirements and develop systems that allow you great flexibility with customisable layouts, content and formatting. Our content management systems enable multiple authors to upload content simultaneously, allowing your team to work in collaboration. Furthermore, you will be able to schedule when content updates are published (and unpublished).


Our bespoke content management systems provide multiple SEO benefits. Firstly, you will be able to customise your content in the style and format of your choice, allowing you to create engaging content and maximise SEO opportunities. Bullet point lists, images and header tags are all big ticks for superior SEO. Furthermore, our designers consider SEO techniques when crafting new website templates, whilst meta tag and meta description options are implemented by our developers. Additionally, you will be able to customise your URL’s; instead of an automatically generated URL containing random letters and numbers, each page can have its own, tailored URL to help increase targeted traffic. These are just a few of the possibilities available for you when we develop your CMS website.


A content managed website is a good tool for organisations wishing to carry out online marketing. Various modules allow you to add features including social media compatibility or newsletters, encouraging greater interaction and, subsequently, increased engagement with visitors to your website. Other options include polls, forums and recent news, all of which can encourage more traffic.


With our content management systems, the control is 100% with you. You will have the freedom and control to upload content at any time, without the need to pay a developer. Content, SEO and marketing options are all available for you to do whatever you wish.

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