Contentful Development

CSI Media is a UK Contentful Development Agency who design and build everything from Contentful-based websites to mobile apps to bespoke business applications with custom functionality and API integrations.

Contentful Partner

CSI Media is a proud partner of Contentful, a CMS platform designed for modern enterprises.

Whilst we only recently started working with Contentful (we are currently developing two new Contentful solutions, and have taken over the maintenance of an existing Contentful platform), Contentful is already one of our favourite CMS platforms, which is why we have invested in becoming a Contentful Partner.

Contentful is built with .NET, and CSI Media is one of the UK’s most experienced .NET Development agencies. Since 1998, we have designed and developed over 200 custom .NET web and software applications for businesses across the United Kingdom.

Contentful Development Agency

Why Contentful?

Contentful is a highly scalable Headless CMS, perfect for developing new websites, mobile apps, and software applications.

Contentful supports multichannel delivery which enables you to serve content from one central CMS to several channels including your website, app, and onsite outlets, supporting a cohesive and immersive user experience.

Other advantages of Contentful include:

  • the ability to make design/UI changes more easily than the standard CMS.
  • automatic CMS upgrades instead of manual upgrades, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • in-built CDN and GraphQL API - this improves website performance.
  • the potential for reduced hosting costs (please note, this is dependent on the overall solution and architecture).
  • if you wanted to migrate to another CMS platform in the future, it will be easier and more cost effective.

Contentful Development Agency

We are passionate about building Contentful applications, and our new-build process has been developed to deliver high-quality Contentful solutions.

Indeed, we manage the entire process, from the initial planning comprising a Discovery and Technical Specification, through to Design and UX - where we work in a collaborative fashion with your team to ensure the new Design meets the needs of your key stakeholders.

We then progress to Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Internal Testing, Deployment, and post-launch support where we provide ongoing maintenance, and feature-enhancement services.

Contact our team to discuss your Contentful project.