Bespoke Booking System

CSI Media is an award-winning technical agency who design and develop bespoke booking systems for companies across different sectors including events, healthcare, tourism, transport, and travel. 

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Bespoke Booking Systems

Sometimes, an off-the-shelf or white label booking package just doesn’t fulfil your requirements. Here at CSI Media, we architect, design and develop bespoke booking and reservation platforms. Your system will be tailored to your specific business requirements with a custom design & UX, all the features and functionality you require, and any integrations with pre-existing systems. Furthermore, our solutions are built using the latest tech and approaches for high-level performance, security and scalability.

Bespoke Booking System
Booking Platform for Abbey Ireland


Booking Management
You can view and manage all bookings including confirmed, failed and cancelled bookings. You can search for specific bookings via several criteria including booking reference, date the booking was placed, the date of the event, customer details, and booking status.

Customer Management
This allows you to search for customers, manage and edit their records.

Cashier Bookings & EPoS
This area allows your team to place bookings on the system when a customer either makes a face-to-face booking (via your EPoS system) or over the phone. You will be able to print the tickets (see ‘Printing Tickets’) or send them electronically.

Location Management
This is useful if you’re a travel or events’ company. Here you can add different locations for e.g. if you hold events in Cheshire, Manchester and Greater London.

Payment Integration
We can integrate your system with the latest payment tech including Stripe for credit card transactions, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal.

Pricing Management
Here, you can set pricing rules including margin control, staff commissions, and taxes & fees. You can also create promotional rules including discount codes, cross-selling rules, and bundle pricing.

Printing Tickets
Your team will be able to print tickets on printers that are connected to your EPoS machines. We will configure the system so that tickets are printed to your print specifications.

Product Management
This is where you set up your products, whether it’s events, attractions or flights.

Ticket Management
This allows you to view and edit a particular ticket in the system for e.g. a customer’s season ticket. You can check usage data, amend the ticket’s end date, disable tickets, and also change reservation details.

User Management
The user management area is where you manage all back-office users. You can set up user types and user permissions (what users can and cannot do).

Website Integration

We can design and develop a new website alongside your booking platform so that users can book online. All websites are built with CMS platforms (we work with Umbraco, Sitecore, Magento) enabling you to easily add & edit your content, create blog articles, services’ landing pages (for e.g. destinations, attractions, events), and lots more!

If you’re happy with your current web solution, we can look to integrate the booking platform with this.