Boost Your Online Bookings Through SEO

In the past holidays were booked mainly through a high-street travel agents. However, today four out of five trips are booked online and we predict that nearly every holiday will be booked online in the years to come.

The problem for travel companies is that it can be hard for consumers to find you online. If you type in ‘Travel Agency’ into Google, 59,000,000 results are found so how are your potential customers meant to find you?

One very effective and popular method to enhance the visibility of your travel website is through SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful tool and implemented correctly can help you achieve the number one spot – even over well-known brands.

SEO is mainly about having a reliable and trust worthy website. Using keywords and having fresh content will help users find what they are looking for. While having a high ranking website in terms of website authority and reliable back links will help search engines recognise your website as a reliable site and not spam.

By optimising your travel website can possibly enhance the position of your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and much more. You may experience better and higher conversion rates due to the right people finding your website.

SEO and travel website design are integrated as one.  As Google will test the loading times of your website, mobile friendliness and much more. Therefore, having a responsive website is one of the many important factors.

We specialise in travel website design and can create online booking forms. Our travel webiste designers can produce booking forms to help increase your conversions and help customers get in touch with you easier. Get in touch with us together through our online form, call us or come and visit us at our office – you’re more than welcome anytime.