Content Ideas for Travel Websites

Content is essential for most websites, but especially in the travel sector. Content can inspire your visitors to stay longer on your site, and it can also make your site more visible in the search engines.

Here are a few ideas for publishing valuable and relevant content that will increase the amount of people engaging with your site.

Use inspirational images

Images have never been so important online, and travel sites are in the perfect situation to make use of them.

If you provide tours to exotic destinations, or any other kind of travel experience, it won't be hard to use large, inspirational images throughout your website.

Use them on your home page, your destination descriptions and in your blog. Bring your site to life with colour, and draw the eyes of your readers.

Provide practical content

Content marketing has many benefits, and your best content should be on your website. Content should always be valuable to the reader, and when it comes to travel sites, that often means ensuring it is practical.

Many people will come to your site looking for practical tips and information. For example, if you provide trips to destinations around the world, you will want to provide your visitors with details about those destinations, including travel tips, cultural tips, country guides and more.

You could also go deeper and provide information on the most unusual cultural traditions, the most exciting festivals, or the other little-known experiences that makes your content stand out from your competitors.

Most of this you can do in the form of a blog. At CSI Media, our travel website designers can easily set your site up with an attractive and intuitive blog that you can populate with content.

Solve problems

Content should attempt to solve the problems your visitors are experiencing, so make this part of your regular content you publish.

People may want to find out about prices in different destinations, travel times, travel advice, information about vaccinations, the weather, currency and much more.

Look at the sort of questions your customers are asking, and think about what you would want to know if you were planning a trip. Then provide the answers to these questions right on your website to ensure it becomes a valuable information resource.

Publish videos

Videos are another way to bring more life to your website, and they come with many benefits. You could create destination videos that you actually film on location. You could create videos providing tips and advice. You could even ask your customers to send in their own videos of their trips and make this into a regular feature.

Travel content should be visual, and videos are the perfect way to do this. Simply set up a YouTube channel, publish your videos there, and then embed them on your site.

Engage your visitors

The best way to get more from your content is to encourage engagement from your visitors. The simplest way to do this is to encourage readers to comment on all of your blog posts to get them involved in the discussion.

However, you could also launch surveys or even competitions with prizes to encourage more people to interact with your brand.

Make sure your content is doing its job

Your content has a number of key roles to play. It has to attract visitors in the first place through SEO and content marketing, then it has to keep them interested and entertained enough to make sure they spend time engaging with your brand.

Focus on the above techniques and create a content schedule to ensure you get the most from your content marketing so that more people discover your website and engage with your brand.