An Insight Into Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is software that is used to create and manage digital content.  Lots of organisations ranging from smaller charities and primary schools to multinational corporations use a CMS as the platform to build their website. But why is a Content Management System important?

Website Content

A great website is essential because in today’s digital world, consumers are increasingly turning to the web to research, answer questions, and buy! Therefore, a website is a perfect chance to build brand awareness and generate leads. Of course, the website’s design and its functionality are imperative. But your content plays a big role too…

Content decisions will be heavily influenced by your target demographic, market size, your business goals and objectives. Your audience may respond more positively to dynamic, digital content including video or animation. Or they may be more information-led and appreciate greater text coverage.

You may need to upload new content daily. Or maybe you only need to make small changes every few months. All of these are important considerations when choosing a CMS platform…

Which CMS platform should I choose?

As we have established - a content management system gives you the power to manage the content on your website.

A powerful  CMS gives you a greater level of control and flexibility, including the ability to easily add and refresh content on your website, create new pages, upload imagery, modify page layouts, launch blogs, integrate ecommerce functionality and much more - everything that you require to deliver an outstanding experience for users.

WordPress is a popular option but there are restrictions. Firstly, WordPress is inherently a blogging system. Furthermore, your theme may be used by hundreds of other websites out there. Umbraco is a powerful CMS, and we might hasten to add, a proper CMS which can be used to launch modern, responsive websites.

Is Umbraco a Good Choice for Your Website?

Here at CSI Media, we love Umbraco and its simplicity. Our Marketing team enjoy great control over the website’s content, which you could benefit from too:

  • Create new product pages
  • Devise blog posts
  • Upload images & video
  • Integrate social media accounts
  • Schedule content updates for specific dates
  • SEO features

You can also control permissions, assigning different sections of the website to different people or departments. For example, you could give the PR team the ability to manage your “News” section and your Marketing team the control of your Product pages.

Furthermore, Umbraco allows for integration with booking systems and payment technology - perfect for ecommerce websites! For further information, see our Umbraco CMS page.

CSI Media

Here at CSI Media, we are an official Umbraco Partner which means we can design and build the website of your dreams. We have 20 years’ experience in designing and developing websites, which have recorded over £1 billion in transactions worldwide. Contact us for further information...