Designing a Tour Operator System

If you are a tour operator or a travel agent in the business of selling tours, you know that a successful business requires you to juggle many – often competing – variable all at the same time. There are flights to book, accommodation to reserve, excursions and local travel arrangements to make and activities to plan.

The rapid and efficient management of variables as diverse as these is just the job of a computerised system, which in this day and age also needs to be powered by the internet through the easy access it provides for your suppliers, partners and customers.

As a travel agency, you need a tour operator system that allows you to research international, national and local suppliers, helps you to explore niche markets and provides the appropriate marketing channels to reach your existing and potential customer base.


Here at CSI Media we have discovered just such a web package for tour operators in Travelberry.

The Travelberry web package gives you the ability to keep pace with the rapidly evolving nature of the travel industry – where new flights, the opening of new resorts and hotels, and the launch of more and varied activities all need to be incorporated into your catalogue of tour packages.

Whether you are creating your own bespoke tours or redistributing those of your partner suppliers, you are able to reach them with your new ideas immediately, without the need for a complete rebuild of your operating systems, thereby avoiding expensive downtime when sales opportunities are missed.

In one web-based package for your website and back office, Travelberry allows you to research and book the essentials of any bespoke tour, including flights, accommodation, hire cars, excursions and tours, local transfers, cruises and a whole host of additional extras that go into developing the range and choice of tours that your customers demand.

How does it do it?

Travelberry may be adapted to suit any operating format, whether that is:

• XML – the Extensible Markup Language format, similar to HTML, which allows the sharing of common information formats across the web;

• API – the Application Programming Interface which provides the ability for access to other software (operating system data or applications) across the internet; and

• GDS – the Global Distribution System, the travel industry network which communicates availability and prices for hotels, flights and hire cars.

The formats are designed to give you full control of your own catalogue and the margins you choose, so maximising your profitability as a tour operator or agent. It gives you the flexibility and increased speed of response and transaction times that allow you to identify and exploit unique selling opportunities, through bookings made entirely in real time.

We ensure that your website displays its own unique style and layout, with features that maximise your ability to inform customers about your entire catalogue of products, including those which have only recently hit the market.

Travelberry is described as a dynamic packaging engine which allows you as the tour operator or agent to combine the various elements of any travel tour (such as flights, accommodation, cars and excursions) under the same roof and to aggregate the net prices of each component to arrive at a single price for your customer.