How Much Does an Umbraco Website Cost?

Umbraco is an advanced Content Management System (CMS) used by big-name brands across the UK.

Launching a new company website is a big assignment and one that requires a lot of planning.

One of the key factors that will determine the cost of your new Umbraco website is, of course, your requirements i.e. what you need the website to do (the site structure, the user flow, functionality, and any integrations.)

Please see our article to help you to create a website RFP:

Please note - a new, high-quality corporate website that is developed to a high standard, is secure, scalable, and responsive, is going to require a substantial investment.

But exactly how much a new Umbraco website costs is more a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question.

The greater the number of different page designs and components you need (more on this later), and the more functionality your new website requires, the higher the cost will be. More complex web and Umbraco systems can often surpass £100,000.

Open-Source Platform

One big advantage with Umbraco is that it is open source, meaning that there’s no license fee to use the platform. This is particularly impressive when you consider that some of its main competitors in the CMS market charge perpetual license fees. In some instances, this can be £50,000+ year. Furthermore, Umbraco HQ have assured customers that the current open-source business model will be maintained.

This may well raise eyebrows - why is Umbraco open source? Are we forgoing quality, features, and performance for the absence of a license fee?

Not at all.

Umbraco is a feature-rich CMS that is built on Microsoft’s .Net framework. With Umbraco, we can develop and integrate custom functionality including e-commerce tech, member portals, and booking flows.

Umbraco can integrate with pretty much any system including CRM, email, PIM, and booking platforms.

There are clever marketing features including personalisation, 301 re-direct functionality, and, as you’d expect, control over SEO metadata.


Powerful Solution

Furthermore, Umbraco websites - particularly those built with Umbraco certified developers - generally score very well on Google’s key performance metrics including page speed, SEO, and accessibility.

The above is why Umbraco is the preferred CMS for over 3,000 companies across the UK, many of which are household names.

Google Lighthouse Scores

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