How to Make the Most of a Seasonal Email Marketing Campaign?

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year so you will want your campaigns to stand out from the rest in your customer's mailbox. We have complied a few helpful tips for your campaign to be a great success. 

Plan early

There is nothing worse than a rushed job and a last-minute campaign. You will need to plan ahead to make sure that you your campaign reaches it’s full potential. You don’t want any silly mistakes like the formatting being incorrect, broken link or spelling mistakes.

Do your research

Research will help you generate ideas and find out what campaigns were successful in the past. Also, research into your target audience: find out how much they are looking to spend, what they want to spend on and what design is going to catch their attention the most.


Along with a new design, personalising the email will make a reader more likely to open it. This is because it will be less like spam. Include their name in the subject line and the email itself. Another way to personalise emails is to send out emails based on their shopping habits. Create an email with the items that have been looking and related items.

Split into segmentation

Splitting your audience into different segments can have a bigger impact. The emails will be more relevant to them. For Christmas, you can target your male customers with a female gift guide and target them from their location and letting them know about their local branch with any special offers.

Analyse Basket Abandonment

This is a great way to follow up on your customers if they haven’t purchase from you however seemed interested. For example, if they had items left in their basket from their last visit send them a follow up email – ‘You have left items in your basket’.

Real time Offer Promotions

Everyone can’t resist an offer or a discount so offer real time offers like ‘Free Delivery for 3 days!’ or “20% off this weekend only!”. These offers will attract your customers to purchase your product or service straight away. Unlike if you had an offer running until the end of the month, they are more likely to wait till the end and may have forgotten by then.

Is your website ready?

Having the right email ready to go is important however your website to reflect the same. If you have a site which hasn’t changed with no discounts or promotions, your customers aren’t going to think the offers are real or they have missed out. So, make sure your website is ready as well with the right pages having the right offers to match. You don’t want to miscommunicate with your customers because when promotional emails are sent out, they will be thinking the same.

At CSI Media, we can create you a great website but also help you manage it for future seasonal events and days. We can also offer an email campaign service so combine the two, you will never miss a potential marketing day. To find out more information, get in touch with us through our contact form or call us 0344 873 0073.