Marketing for Seasonal Events

Your marketing efforts should involve more than just the odd email or social media update. Each time a customer interacts with your business presents a marketing opportunity - a chance for you to promote your brand, its offering and its personality! Whilst it may be a little late to organise and execute a full-blown Halloween marketing campaign between now and the 31st October, there are still a few nice little touches that you can implement over the next 6 days…

Some Little Ideas for Halloween…

  • Halloween decoration for your premises: Of course, you needn’t spend a fortune and it really should not be tacky – just a little bit of ‘tasteful’ decoration! Maybe a pumpkin with your company’s name carved in? A little bit of effort can make a big impression… And of course, posting your artistic efforts to social media will help with your online engagement!
  • Halloween-themed hold music: This needn’t be super-scary, just a light-hearted, catchy Halloween tune! Incoming callers may appreciate this little, quirky touch. Plus, it’s a great way to break the ice with those incoming phone enquiries. There are huge catalogues full of horror-themed royalty free music available on the internet.
  • Themed versions of social media imagery: profile and cover pictures > see our Facebook page here for some inspiration: CSI Media Facebook Page

Marketing for Christmas

It goes without saying: Christmas is an unmissable commercial opportunity for most companies across all sectors.

Now is a great time to start planning your marketing campaign for this year’s festivities!

Christmas gives you the chance to devise creative marketing campaigns. Of course, they have the same aims & objectives as your standard marketing campaign: Building brand awareness, driving traffic and genering enquiries. However, Christmas gives you a “free-pass” to contact customers (both current and prospective) because people are more likely to feel very jolly (and thus, more receptive to your communications), and of course, they will appreciate your Christmassy-themed marketing efforts!

Christmas Marketing Ideas

  • Christmas themed email campaigns
  • Christmas cards for your clients
  • Christmassy branding: Logos, banners, graphics for your website
  • PPC Christmas campaigns (this is dependent on your company, but should certainly be a consideration if you’re in the retail, food & drink, hospitality, attraction or travel sectors)

Key Events for Marketers

Start planning ahead…

Halloween - Tuesday 31st October
Bonfire Night - Sunday 5th November
Black Friday - Friday 24th November
Cyber Monday - Monday 27th November
Christmas Day - Monday 25th December
New Year’s Eve - Sunday 31st December

CSI Media: Seasonal Marketing Gurus

Here at CSI Media, our design team love to create seasonal graphics, whether it’s a spooky version of your logo for Halloween, Christmas cards (either print or digital), Black Friday banners, or a themed email campaign for whichever event you wish to target!