Reasons to Use Umbraco

You are planning to launch a new website and you want to use a CMS. However, there seems to be so many options to choose from. Everyone is talking about WordPress, which makes you think this must be the best choice, but you may want to spend a bit more time comparing it to other platforms before you make your decision.

One of these platforms is Umbraco.

At CSI Media, we use Umbraco exclusively to create stunning, feature-rich websites. We love it, and we think you will love it too. Here are some of the main reasons you should give it a go.

Makes Managing Your Content Easy

One of the best features of Umbraco is that it makes it easier than ever to manage your content.

Content is so important for any website because it allows you to connect with your visitors and boost engagement. It is also essential for any SEO that you carry out.

Umbraco has a number of features that makes managing your content a breeze, including:

  • you can publish your content directly from Microsoft Word;
  • it saves versions of your content so you never lose your changes;
  • you can save drafts and publish content with ease;
  • content can be scheduled to be published on a future date;
  • inserting images and other media is made simple with the media library.

It Gives You More Control

Users of Umbraco websites can download a huge number of packages that provide a wide range of features for websites.

For example, if you need to insert a stylish contact form, you can just choose a package you want, download it and install it – all without requiring any design skills.

This ability to add features to your site gives you more control over its functionality and avoids the need to pay a designer whenever you want to make a change.

The Community is Large and Helpful

When you have a question about your website or you need some advice, the large and helpful Umbraco community is there to assist you.

Simply post your question and the community of users and developers will be there to help you out.

Optimise Your Site

If you want to ensure your site gets found in the search engines, you'll need to focus on SEO. Forbes has some good advice on why it is so important to invest in SEO that is worth reading.

With Umbraco, your site will be ready to start optimising from the day it launches, giving you a head start over other websites that do not boast the same level of optimisation.

You Can Use it For Free

Umbraco is completely free to use. It is open source, so you only pay for any design work that we do for you, or if you want to download a package because some of these charge a fee to use.

In addition, the open-source nature of Umbraco means you are never tied into anything. While some designers make sure you use their own platforms, which makes it harder to change designers in the future, there are many designers familiar with Umbraco should you want to change.

Use Umbraco for Your Website

Umbraco is, in our opinion, the best option when it comes to creating beautiful, functional websites. If you would like us to create a site for you on the platform, just let us know. Then you too can take advantage of all the benefits, of which there are many.