The Battle of the Christmas Adverts

Every year, retailers compete for the number one spot for the Christmas Advert of the Year. This year, the competition has been high with popular brands like John Lewis and Marks and Spencer trying to stay on top. While the under dogs like and Waitrose try to make an appearance in the rankings.

The YouTube Global leader board has John Lewis’ bouncing Buster as their number one. Followed by Burberry and Sainsbury – the top three ads are all British ads. However, Sainsbury’s festive ad was the most popular with the British audience according to YouTube. This is the first time in the last seven years where John Lewis wasn’t the number one Christmas ad.

The rankings are determined by an algorithm that includes paid views, organic views and how much of a video people watched.

We think Sainsbury has won it this year because their core message is about family time at Christmas which would have pulled the heart strings of many parents. However, we have listed the UK’s top ten Christmas ads so you can decide who you think should have been the winner. 

UK’s Top Ten Christmas Ads 2016

Sainsbury’s “The Greatest Gift”


John’s Lewis “Buster the Boxer”


Marks and Spencer’s “Christmas with love from Mrs Claus”


Waitrose “Home For Christmas"


Burberry “The Tales of Thomas Burberry” “Get more out of giving”

Asda “Big Dilemma"


Argos “Christmas Yetis”


Aldi “Kevin the Carrot”


Boots “The gift of beauty”


These were this year’s most popular Christmas ads, who was your winner? Also, what your favourite Christmas ad of all time? Do you remember the blue aliens from Argos or Sainsbury’s World War Two inspired ad? Let us know what were your favourite Christmas ad was by tweeting us or leaving us a Facebook Comment.