The Importance of Browser Testing

Your website may display and function perfectly in your favourite or default browser. However, does it behave in the way intended on a mobile and tablet device, or on other desktop browsers? Our team of developers are surprised at how frequently they encounter websites that fail on the responsive front (not designed by us)...

What is Responsive Design?

In its simplest form, responsive design is an approach to web design where websites respond to the size of the screen the user is viewing, whether it’s on a Samsung Galaxy mobile, the latest iPhone or your iPad. A responsive design will automatically morph the layout of a website, dependent on the user’s choice of browser or device.

Responsive design is imperative because the way in which people are using the internet and websites has changed dramatically over the past few years, thanks to advances in technology. Mobile and tablet use is at an all-time high. 66% of us own a smartphone, up from 39% in 2012, whilst over 30% of consumers make regular purchases on the smartphone devices. As an award-winning agency, we can design responsive websites that deliver outstanding user-experiences across all the latest browsers and devices.

Browser Testing

Major browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and IE. Chrome is the most popular desktop browser in the UK, however, Firefox, Safari and IE each hold considerable shares in the market. Whilst a website may work fine in browser A, it does not necessarily mean that it works perfectly in browser B! This is because of the way some browsers interpret styling rules.

Organisations of all sizes are missing out on leads and greater engagement because their website just does not look or function properly on certain browsers or devices. This negatively impacts on user experience and, subsequently, consumer confidence. 

CSI Media - Technical Health Check

Here at CSI Media, we provide a technical health check service. As part of this technical audit of your website, our testing team will perform a thorough browser test of your website using the latest devices and technologies, identifying any visual or functional inconsistencies across browsers and devices. Contact us for more information...