Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

A digital marketing strategy is an important part of an overall marketing strategy of a business, especially since most activities nowadays are online. There are five main areas that you may want to consider investing in, as most of your customers will be interacting with these platforms daily. 

Search Engine Marketing

This type of marketing allows you to compete with larger well-known companies through the visibility of search engines. We believe everyone uses a search engine to find a product or service even if they are looking locally.

With keywords, you will be able to rank higher on search engines in relationships to what you are selling. A small local business can reach the number one spot whilst a multi-international company may only rank 30th. You could be seen before them and attract more customers.

SEO is a little bit more difficult than it seems however we a team of SEO experts who will be able to help you with your SEO. We can help SEO optimised your website, web pages, check through your backlinks, create content and much more! Get in touch with us to find out how we can help with the SEO of your site.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing may sound simple but it can be quite tricky to integrate social media into a business. The most important aspect of social media is to strengthen your customer base. However, the forms of media and your tone of voice is important.

You will want to attract people to like your page and follow you through interesting posts, special offers and ‘fun’ content and topics. If you are using social media as a selling tool 100% of the time, no one will engage and follow your page. This is because people on social media don’t want pushy sales messages during their down time.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves providing users with information about your product, service or company as well as information in general. Everyone’s main goal is to sell but how you going to attract customers and stand out from the competition? Providing content that is interesting to them will drive more traffic to your site. Content marketing used to be print brochures and guide books but now they are implemented through articles, blog posts and web pages on a website.

Also, your content can then be shared on social media to further your reach and awareness.

Email Marketing

This type of marketing is vital for any business, online or offline. Most people will check their inboxes everyday but if they have signed up for your marketing promotions, it showing they already have an interest in your product or service. As this list grows, it will become more valuable.

Targeting them with promotions can be one step closer to closing a sale. Plus, personalised emails will increase your open rate of an email. So put their email into the subject line, use your website data to see what they had in their basket and send them a reminder email or simply put their local branch into the email.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is marketing through text messages. This can be a very effective and a powerful type of marketing for businesses however it only works wells for certain industries or you need to be clever with your marketing. For example, Dominoes Pizza do this well as they target customers on a Friday late afternoon with a special offer (two for one for example) with a link straight to their website. This is perfect marketing as they are reaching their target audience on the day they are most likely to purchase from them with an offer – maximising opportunities.

More businesses are trying SMS marketing to try and increase sales. Insurance companies are now sending out “due for renewal” text messages with a number to call. The user will just need to press call and they will be in direct contact with an insurer. It’s all about user experience and making it as simple as possible for a customer.

These are our tips to improve your marketing strategy and to help build your brand awareness. At CSI Media we offer marketing services like Search Engine Marketing (SEO Optimisations), Email Marketing, Paid Ads and much more from our team of professionals. Our team are Google AdWords and Analytic Certified with many years of experience in traditional and digital marketing. We always here to help so get in touch with us today or pop into our office – our kettle is always hot.