Travel Website Design Fundamentals

In our latest blog article, we will cover some of the fundamentals of travel website design!

Is Your Travel Website Responsive Across All Devices?

Do you want your website to deliver an outstanding user experience on iPhones, iPads and all the other latest devices?

If the answer is yes, it’s imperative that your travel website has a responsive design. A responsive website is one which automatically adjusts to the user’s device. You can see our article on responsive website design for more info.

Travel website on a mobile device

Why Is a Responsive Travel Website Important?

Lots of people use their tablet to research the latest holiday deals, whilst some even book that much-needed break in the sun via their mobile device!

According to the BBC, 38% of 16-24-year olds booked a holiday using their tablet during a 12-month period, whilst 34% used a mobile phone. Across all age groups, 20% of us have used either our mobile or tablet device to book a holiday, with bookings on these devices rising significantly each year (ABTA, 2017).

Travel Websites: Key Features

Users must be able to easily search for holidays, receive results from said search, and progress through their booking flow quickly, without any hiccups. Therefore, it’s important that you choose a company that can architect and develop a well-designed booking process to accompany your website design.

Call to actions will be an important part of your travel website. A call to action is a stimulus that encourages desirable behaviours. Examples include “Search”, “Enquire” or “Book Now”. It is important that your call to actions stand out and, therefore, it is advisable for call to actions to be assigned distinctive colours and hover effects (that comply with your branding), to catch attention and encourage activity.

Another tip is to have the most important functionality near the top of the page. This is so that users see it as soon as they hit the page. Many travel websites will have an attention-grabbing search box positioned near the top of the page, encouraging users to start the process of searching for a holiday.

CSI Media

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