Why Buying a Template Is Not Always the Right Answer

Setting up a website is easier than ever these days. With countless free templates now available, you can technically launch your own website in a matter of minutes.

But while this may be fine for your personal blog, is it really a great idea for your online business? There are a few reasons why buying a template is not always the right solution for you, and why getting a bespoke design could be the best option.

You Need to Stand Out From The Competition

Whilst there are advantages to using WordPress, particularly for smaller businesses, one of the problems with a free template on WordPress or another platform is that you are not going to be the only one using it. There may be thousands of other websites with the same or similar designs, and this can negatively affect your brand image.

Your website should look different from all the others. It should be professional, unique and true to your brand identity. It is often obvious when a website uses a template, and this can make your site less memorable for visitors.

Essentially, if you want your site to be unique, a custom design is the only option.

A Site Should be Unique to Your Requirements

With templates, you will often have to make compromises in numerous areas including the layout, fonts, tools, colours and more. Although customisation is often possible to a certain degree, you will rarely be able to make any changes you want to, and you can often only tweak it so far.

With a bespoke website design like those we create at CSI Media, you get exactly what you want, designed around your specific needs and goals. The subtle features such as the fonts, headings, images and colour scheme, as well as additional features like a newsletter, blog and payment processing, will all work together in harmony.

A designer will work with you and design the site from scratch, and every element will be focused on increasing your sales and improving your brand image.

Your Website Should Adapt as Your Business Grows

You never know when a developer will stop updating their theme, leaving you in the lurch. An old theme may have security glitches and bugs, and this could seriously impact upon your business.

But with a bespoke website, you will be able to grow it over time and adapt it as you wish according to your changing needs.

Don't Take Shortcuts with Your Business

Templates are often an easier, quicker and cheaper way to get your website live. But this does not make them better. Do you really want to make compromises with your business? If you spend a bit more time and money on your custom website, you could see it reflected in increased sales.

The simplest and cheapest solutions are not usually the best, especially when it comes to your business. While some small businesses may opt for a template, it is not usually the best idea for serious businesses. Originality is important, and you don't want your website looking like all the others. Instead, you want your site to be a unique and effective tool for your business to help you grow over time.