Why Choose Umbraco for Your Web Design

There are literally millions of websites on the internet – indeed, Internet Live Stats is currently monitoring more than 1 billion of them.

If you want your website to stand out, therefore, you may be up against very daunting competition. If you want to make headway against your online competition, web design is critical.

Choosing a web designer

As you have probably discovered, you might pay a great deal for your web design whilst others appear relatively modestly priced.

One of the principal factors determining that price is the cost of the tools available to your web designer. The higher the cost of the tools that are used, of course, the more expensive is going to be the web design project. This is true whether you are looking for a modest site displaying your brochures, or to run a simple campaign, right up to those international industry giants relying on complex and highly sophisticated webpages and applications.


Not only is Umbraco web design is capable of handling any level of complexity or sophistication, as an open source system it is also entirely free to use.

Although it may be free, Umbraco is a web content management system that is nevertheless flexible enough to tackle everything from the smallest to the biggest of websites. By using Umbraco web design, therefore, web designers and developers are able to reduce the cost of their services to reflect the strength of the application and its free use.

Why we use Umbraco web design

The strength and versatility of Umbraco as a free, open source system, is reason enough for it being one of our favourite solutions here at CSI Media. But there are other benefits and advantages too – most of them of a purely technical nature:

Web design

• the system allows the web designer complete control over any site’s design, templates that are used, and the output achieved;

• the system also allows designers and editors to concentrate on content, taking the strain of many layout issues through the application of readily understood CSS rules (a Cascading Style Sheet language essential for controlling the layout of multiple webpages all at once);

• the widespread use of Javascript programming language ensures comprehensive interactivity between web pages – light on your website and popular for writing polls, surveys and quizzes;

Web development

• Umbraco gives designers and developers such as ourselves the ability to boost the performance of any website through its inbuilt content cache and dynamic cache for macros;

• the Umbraco API – the programming interface that acts as a “contract” between one part of a computer’s software and another – ensures readily accessible planning for optimum performance and flexibility of its CSS;

The end user

• all this adds up to a website that is simple to edit yet retains content that is fully customisable, so that any website designer and developer is able to use Umbraco rather than let the system dictate how it is used;

• together with the ongoing support provided by Umbraco to all its users, this makes the continual updating and editing of your website still more economical as you take advantage of market developments affecting your business.

These are just some of the reasons why you might choose to use Umbraco in your web design.