Why We Use Umbraco

There are many platforms available for creating websites, but we choose to use Umbraco. In our opinion, it is one of the most powerful and intuitive content management systems available and it allows us to create truly stunning websites. Here are a few of the main reasons why we love it.

Beautiful, Functional Websites

We can use Umbraco to create any type of website for any company or organisation, no matter how large or small.

One thing we love at CSI Media is flexibility, and with Umbraco websites we are not restrained in any way. That means we can create the website you want and we can bring your vision to life.

And Umbraco ensures that websites are functional. Fast-loading pages make the sites sleek and a pleasure to use for your visitors. You can also add as many features as you want with just a few clicks and no design knowledge.

Good For the Search Engines

Our websites are all optimised from the word go because they are built using Umbraco. SEO is one of the factors that you will probably want to focus on when you launch a website.

SEO is a form of marketing that you must work on long after the website is launched. However, you want to ensure that your site is ready to get the most out of your marketing, and Umbraco websites ensure that this is the case.

The coding and everything else is all optimised so that you can start improving your SEO as soon as it has been launched, making life easier for you.

Easy For You to Use

You do not need any technical knowledge to update or manage your website when it is built using Umbraco. Some of the benefits include:

  • managing your content is really easy. Content is arranged in a simple format, and you can even use Microsoft Word to publish your blog posts and pages;
  • you can also schedule your content, giving you even more control over your publishing, and you can set content to be approved before it is published;
  • Umbraco also saves versions of content that you create so you can revert back if you need to and compare previous versions;
  • the media library is an excellent feature that makes it simple to manage your photos and documents, and it contains many useful features. For example, if you update one image, the same image will update everywhere on the site;
  • you can enjoy instant updates to ensure your site is always running on the latest version of the platform.

Huge Support Community

Got a question? We're always happy to help. However, you can also take advantage of the huge support community at Umbraco.

Many developers are ready to help you out as soon as you post a question, and these experts will be able to propose solutions so you never have to wait days or weeks to resolve problems.

It's Completely Free!

One of the best things of all is that you get all this for free. You don't have to pay anything to build your site on Umbraco because it is open source. So you only pay for our design service and nothing else.

We Love Umbraco

It is for all these reasons that we choose to work with Umbraco to create our websites. We are Umbraco experts – we know all the tricks to make sure your site is the best it can be. So no matter what type of website you want, we can help you by putting our skills to use.