CSI Media Nominated for 3 RAR Digital Awards 2014

CSI Media are proud to announce that we have been nominated by our clients for 3 RAR Digital awards. We are delighted that our clients have deemed their experience with us award-worthy. The awards are held on the 10th June. Fingers Crossed!

How we were voted for?

Finalists for the RAR 2014 digital awards are chosen based on client feedback throughout the year. The data is analysed by the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR) and those with the best recommendations are then reviewed and assigned to each category.  Those with the most quality recommendations are submitted as finalists for the awards. It is worth noting that is about quality of recommendations and not quantity. These are then reviewed by a panel and winner for each category will be announced at the awards ceremony on June 10th.

What have we been voted for?

Strategic Thinking, Creativity & Innovation and Value for Money CSI Media has been nominated for the Strategic Thinking, Creativity & Innovation and Value for Money awards based on what some of our clients have said about us in the past year. We have worked closely with Bellarome to develop their online presence and create new brands such as Sunholidays. CSI Media would like to thank all of our clients for their recommendations which have resulted in these nominations.  We aim to build on this year on year and hope to be nominated for more awards next year. Hopefully we will be able to make an announcement on whether we have won any of the shortly after the ceremony. Being nominated is acknowledgement enough, as this is purely based on client feedback.  Good Luck to everyone who is nominated.