10-Year Anniversary for Andy at CSI Media!

Congratulations to Andy, who officially celebrated 10 years with us on 23rd April 2018!

Andy joined us as a Junior Web Developer back in 2008 and is a valued member of the CSI web development team. To celebrate his 10th anniversary, Andy was presented with a cake by Richard Nash, Business Director at CSI Media.

Andy commented; “I’ve learnt so much and enjoyed being part of the CSI code progress story; from the old days of classic ASP, developing with Dreamweaver and SortaSafe, using Hungarian notation etc. to where we are now with design patterns, coding practices, modern languages etc. I look forward to continuing with the story and seeing what the future holds.”

Richard Nash, Business Director, “Andy has developed from a quiet and reserved individual to an integral part of the CSI Media team. Although I frequently question his music selections, I absolutely cannot question his passion for coding. Andy exhibits a great attitude and an eagerness to get stuck in to his development - he really goes the extra mile. Well done on reaching the 10-year milestone, Andy.”

The Finance Director, Suzy Cunnington, added, “Andy is an amazing Developer. His love of code is infectious, and he inspires everyone who works with him. We are so lucky to have him here and I can’t thank him enough for all his passion and hard work over the years!”