CSI Media Announce Contentful Partnership

CSI Media is delighted to announce we are now an official partner of Contentful, a leader in headless CMS technology.

Founded in 2013, Contentful was designed to provide greater flexibility for companies developing their web and digital infrastructure, and our partnership with Contentful will enable us to deliver even better digital experiences for our clients.

Find out more about CSI Media's Contentful services below:

What is Headless?

Headless means that the front end is de-coupled from the CMS, in contrast to traditional CMS platforms where the front end and CMS are directly integrated.

The headless approach provides several technical benefits (see below); however, a major benefit is omnichannel delivery; with headless, brands can create and deliver memorable digital experiences for their customers across multiple digital channels – websites, apps, digital signage, and more – from one central CMS.

Technical Benefits

  • the ability to make design/UI changes more easily than the standard CMS.
  • automatic CMS upgrades instead of manual upgrades, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • in-built CDN and GraphQL API - this improves website performance.
  • the potential for reduced hosting costs (please note, this is dependent on the overall solution and architecture).
  • if you wanted to migrate to another CMS platform in the future, it will be easier and more cost-effective to do so.
We are extremely excited to be working with Contentful, and the new partnership illustrates our continued commitment to working with the latest and best technology.
Richard Nash, Business Director - CSI Media

Richard continued; “we are in the process of developing several enterprise-level solutions for big names across the automotive, healthcare, retail, and travel sectors, and Contentful provides a strong option for clients looking to deliver omnichannel experiences."

CSI Media

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