CSI Media Battle the Crystal Maze



On Friday 10th March, our team was summoned to take on the Crystal Maze Live Experience in Manchester.

Our Developers, Designers, Accountants, Marketers, and Account Managers joined forces to tackle the impenetrable vigours of four time zones - Medieval, Aztec, Industrial, and Future - bringing together an array of expertise (*cough*).

Team Captains

The CSI Media team was divided into two, one led by the pragmatic, yet rather eccentric Ignatius Redbeard. Raticus, the Intergalactic Pirate guided the second. Team captains were selected - Bede for Team One (christened “We Don’t Have a Team Name?”) and Paula for Team Two, “CSI Team” - both chosen for their command, robustness, and experience (age really).

CSI Media Team at the Crystal Maze Experience in Manchester
CSI Media Team at the Crystal Maze Experience in Manchester

Rallying the Troops!

Team one started poorly, collecting one measly crystal from four challenges. Bede was ordered by Ignatius Redbeard to rally the troops! “You’re the best team ever. Come on guys, you can do it!” This powerful speech worked wonders, as the Industrial zone brought greater fortunes for the team with 3 out of the 4 available crystals.

Ignatius Redbeard insisted on channelling the positive vibes via group meditation. “Ohmmmmmmm. Ohmmmmmmm. Ohmmmmmmm.”

Again, this brought a wealth of prosperity to the team, with a further 4 crystals in the Aztec and Future zones. Tom shone on the Wire Loop game, whilst Liam defeated the aliens in a Space Invaders shoot ‘em up. A total of 8 crystals gave the team 40 seconds in The Crystal Dome to collect gold tokens.

Team Two won 2 crystals in the Medieval zone – a good start! Paula delivered an uplifting speech; “Come on guys, we’ve got 2 out of 4, we’re just warming up”. In total, the team managed to gather 6 crystals with Andy smashing two mental challenges, whilst Tom successfully navigated the Walls of Aztec.

Excellent Experience

The whole team thoroughly enjoyed the Crystal Maze - thank you to the team at Crystal Maze for making the experience an excellent one!