CSI Media Raise £100 for Comic Relief!

The team at CSI Media have raised £100 for Comic Relief, a marvellous cause that supports vulnerable people and communities in the UK and internationally. We held a competition where the team had to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar, and a silly box game!

How Many Jellybeans in the Jar?

Not particularly original, we know, but good fun all the same. There were 1,250 yummy jellybeans in the jar. WELL DONE to Junaid who got closest with his guess of 1,300. We have to say that we’re a little concerned with some of the other guesses though… 300, 400 and 2,500?! Good job we’re not an accountancy firm!

The Silly Box

Team members had to delve into a box full of ‘gifts’… some silly, some nice, and some not-so-nice! Prizes included glasses, a wig, a bright-red dick bow (stylishly modelled *cough* by Matt), bubbles, and a variety of sweeties (Refreshers, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads). However, attached to some of the packages was a little note. Some people won a lovely free lunch, other people won vomit sweets…

Gruesomely Ghastly Jellybeans

The silly box can be unforgiving. Earwax, vomit, soap, bogey, dirt, sausage, black pepper and rotten egg jellybeans were the delicacies on offer for some unfortunate souls. Surprisingly - and sadly - the vomit beans were devoured far too easily for our liking! However, the rotten egg jelly beans did cause some pretty-severe retching in two of our team. Apparently, the aftertaste lasted for aaaages.

A Cuppa from the Boss!

Cuppas from the boss are elusive to say the least. You’d have to go back to the pre-smartphone era - or pre-responsive web design for us nerds - to when Rick last made a brew. Which is why Liam is really going to enjoy his prize! After making daily teas and coffees over the past 3+ years, now the tables have turned. Will it be a cuppa or a coffee, Liam? 147 granules of sugar?

Free Lunch!

Two of the team won a yummy free lunch where they’ll be able to choose whatever they like, paid for by the company. We bet they were gutted they didn’t get the jellybean one!

Thank you to everyone who took part, you were all GREAT sports. And thank you for all your kind donations, the cheque has been posted to Comic Relief HQ. To find out more about Comic Relief 2019, please visit the BBC website.