Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Travel Club Elite Launches Mobile Version of Website

Is your website mobile ready? In recent years there has been a massive surge in mobile phone access to websites. Now, more than ever before are consumers using their smart phones to search for, and book their holidays. The sale of smartphones, some argue, is over-taking that of personal computers. If your website is not mobile friendly you could be missing out.

Many websites do not work on mobiles and due to screen size limitations, those that do aren’t the best experience for smartphone users. Whilst customers may become frustrated with all the zooming and excessive scrolling, your competitors, with mobile versions, may be reaping the rewards of this surge in mobile internet usage.

CSI Media worked with Travel Club Elite to create a mobile version of their website check it out on a smartphone to see the mobile version.

Launched earlier this year, the Travel Club Elite mobile version contains all the main content from the desktop site which is easily accessed on the mobile browser using touch screen functionality. Also included is a banner which allows the team at Travel Club Elite to showcase five top special offers.

Customers can view all of the same offers as the desktop site and send enquiries, all whilst browsing on their mobile. The included link back to the full site gives flexibility for those, using a tablet, to see the site in full.

With the continued growth of the smartphone market, it is now believed by many that the need for a mobile version will become just as necessary to businesses as a website itself.

Don’t get left behind- if you would like more information about a mobile version of your site please contact us for a free quote.