We Are Google Analytics Certified!

We are officially Google Analytics professionals as we have passed the Google exam to make us Google Analytics certified.

Along with being Google Analytics certified, we are also Google AdWords certified as well! The two go hand in hand very well as with Google Analytics you can track the performance of your ads and make improvements based on your data.

What does Google Analytics Certified mean?

The exam tests you on basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts. The topics that are covered are planning and principles, implementation and data collections, configuration and administrations, conversions and attributions and lastly reports, metrics and dimensions.  The exam consists of answering 70 questions and you need to achieve 80% to pass.

We are very proud of ourselves for passing the exam – this proves we have the knowledge in Google Analytics and data collection to improve websites, adverts and marketing campaigns. Data is very important as you can see the activities of your users. If you have a high bounce rate, you can see what page they are dropping off and make improvements to the page. If your customers are dropping off at the 2nd stage of a quote form, you will be able to know it’s the 2nd stage and make improvements to that page, shorten the form or see if there is a technical problem.

If you need any advice or want to ask us a question, get in touch with. We are always here to help.