School Website Designers

Websites for Schools - Make your school more chic than geek

We specialise in designing and developing school websites for primary and secondary schools, colleges and university and academies who mange a collection of academies. We can create a new website from stratch or give your current website an update. 

School Community

We are working with schools - both primary and secondary - to provide them with a range of solutions to help day to day management and organisational logistics at schools. The site keeps parents updated with their child’s progress. The website will be able to provide additional classroom support, easy access to learning material and homework references/aids.

Our feature-rich solution acts as a portal for the school community, allowing teachers and staff to update the school’s website with information about school trips, holidays and events. Teachers can also use the school’s content management system to add information about themselves, classes, year groups, and clubs as well as add the latest school news and club / class blogs.

The school website solution can be used to submit homework, request consent forms, make appointments, help organise parents evenings and notify everyone of school holidays.

What Does this Mean for the Parents?

This provides parents with a clear line of communication with the school via the website. They have easy access to information that directly relates to their child or children. Our school's website solution allows parents to filter information by class, year group, topic, date or subject. Parents can then view information that is important to them and their child. They can use the system to notify the school of any absences or lateness, see whether their child has any homework that needs to be completed or when their child’s next football practice or music lesson is.

Not Forgetting the Kids

The responsive schools website can be used on mobile and tablet devices, doubling up as an additional, helpful class room and education tool. The children can filter information for their class or year group to see relevant topics, reference material and homework support. Teachers can pre-load the system with topics and helpful reminders that the children have access to both in the classroom and at home when they are not able to speak to teachers outside of school hours.

Our School's Cool Solution

As you can see, the solution provided is more than just a website but a portal and tool for the school community to use daily to support teachers, parents and children during the educational process. This is a great method to keep everyone connected.

We don’t just provide school websites, we can help with branding, print design for the school curriculum, leaflets, folders, school stationery including letterheads and compliment slips. Signing up for your school's website will also include training on how to use the system and the support throughout the duration of the service to help with any questions you may have.