Essential Tips for Designing a Travel Website

There are many issues to take into account when you decide to get a new travel website up and running. If you are not a designer yourself, you will probably want to hire a skilled designer to work with you to turn your vision into reality.

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when working with your designer to ensure you get the best website possible.

Make ease of use a priority

One of the most important aspects of your website is that it should be easy to use. This means ensuring:

  • that the pages are fast to load;
  • the navigation is clear and intuitive;
  • you display your main products clearly so people know how to get to them.

You want people to land on your site and know exactly where to go without getting lost or confused. A specialist designer such as ourselves as CSI Media can help you create an easy and seamless experience.

Ensure it stands out from the competition

Standing out from the competition is essential if you want to give yourself an advantage in the competitive online environment. That means making sure your site has an original design.

You want to hire designers who will start with a template and will then work closely with you to create a stunning website that is completely different from the competition – this is what we do at CSI Media.

A skilled designer will make careful use of images, colours, fonts, design and other elements to not only make it unique, but to improve the user experience.

Make use of dedicated tools

There are a number of tools that you can use to make sure your travel website provides a better experience for your users. One of these is a dynamic packaging engine. Using this, you can pick from suppliers, bring in different data, provide more competitive prices, and so on.

A sound travel booking system is essential for most travel websites. There are many to choose from, so make sure you get a good one and take advantage of the benefits, including packaging various products and providing better prices to your customers.


Add your own features

If you use a platform like Umbraco to launch your website, you can easily add extra features without any design knowledge. During the build, your designer may also help you with these.

For example, if you want a contact form, you can simply download a suitable add-on and launch it without needing any coding experience.


Tips for after the design

Once the website designers have finished and the site is ready to go, you may then want to start working on your content. Visitors expect content on travel sites, and there is lots that you can write about. Talk about your destinations, provide travel tips, provide special offers and use lots of photos to really capture the user’s imagination.

You may want to do this in the form of a blog, or you could also publish separate pages. You may also want to integrate your social media accounts so you can share your content further, build a community, and attract more visitors.


Get the travel website you want

Your travel website can make or break your success online, so make sure that you plan it very seriously right from the start, before you even choose a designer. Then keep all of these tips in mind and work closely with your designer to ensure you get the website that you know will take your travel business to the next level.