Why a Tour Operator System Is a Great Solution for a Travel Agent?

A Tour Operator System is a sophisticated application tailor-made to support the operations required to run a successful, efficient travel company or tour operator business. Specifically, a tour operator system will allow you to create bespoke tour packages, manage products, quotes, reservations and accounts, with interfaces designed for agent, client and supplier transactions.

Why a Travel Agent Would Choose a Tour Operator System?

With a Tour Operator System, you’ll be able to upload and sell stock plus third-party stock! Naturally, this gives you a competitive edge because you’ll be providing exclusive, niche offerings.

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Most travel agents are just reselling other people’s products. By being able to upload your own portfolio of stock, you’ll be providing unique holiday packages. Marketing and sales’ professionals will be frothing at the mouth because people want exclusivity, and you will be able to offer them just that - a big psychological win and, subsequently, fantastic marketing opportunity!

Our technology enables you to upload stock - whether it’s hotels, flights, cruises or attraction tickets. Furthermore, our Tour Operator Systems can pull through data from multiple third-party suppliers - whether it’s hotels, resorts, flights, transfers, car hire, leisure activities or attraction tickets.

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Efficiency Savings

A well-designed and well-built custom Tour Operator System can provide great efficiency savings. Prices for services are automatically calculated meaning that you don’t need convoluted spreadsheets. Moreover, financial reporting is available at the click of a button allowing you to easily check margins. This automation removes the need for manual processes meaning that employee resources can be used elsewhere within your organisation.

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Flexibility & Scalibility

One of the great things about online tour operator systems is that they are flexible and can be used for different businesses in different sectors. This means if you are a travel agent, tour operator, flight company, airline, holiday park, hotelier or visitor attraction - this software is perfect for you.

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As experts in travel software we understand that - in the rapidly evolving travel marketplace - it is imperative that your company keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies to be able to provide an efficient, well-oiled service and maximise commercial opportunities. With our Tour Operator Systems, your customers can research and book the essentials of any bespoke tour, including flights, accommodation, hire cars, excursions and tours, local transfers, cruises and a whole host of additional extras that go into developing the range and choice of tours that your customers demand.

If you’re a travel company looking to streamline your operations, then our team can design and build a bespoke Tour Operator System to suit your requirements. Our travel software solutions have processed over £1 billion worth of transactions worldwide, with approximately £1.5 million of revenue generated in online sales every day.