Website Health Check

CSI Media provide a website health check service where we complete a thorough audit of your existing website and create a report detailing our findings, insights, and recommendations.

Website Health Check

The web and online world is continuously evolving and, therefore, you should be conducting periodic audits of your website to ensure it:

  • meets changing online behaviours and user expectations.
  • conforms to search engine best-practice recommendations.
  • complies with web accessibility standards.
  • fulfils the latest security requirements.
  • delivers the best possible user experience.

Our health check service begins with a free initial phone call. This allows us to establish your concerns, find out more information about your company, and understand your current frustrations / the website’s pain points.

Health checks generally focus on one of three areas - technical, UX, or SEO; however, there can be overlap. We will advise on the audits and tests that we believe need to be completed as part of a health check.

Technical Audit

Our development team will perform a code review of your website to identify coding issues that are impacting on website performance, security, data, and user experience. Previous code reviews have uncovered significant performance issues and serious security vulnerabilities. We may also perform performance, functional, and browser/device testing.

Website Health Check Technical Audit

User Experience Audit

Our UX, design and testing resources will review your website to determine how intuitive it is to use, and whether it meets a user’s requirements. We will provide suggestions on making the website easier to use, optimising conversion rates, or making specific functions as seamless as possible, for example, a checkout process.

Website Health Check UX Audit

SEO Audit

There are two dimensions to SEO; content and technical, both of which play an important role in determining SERP rankings. We can audit both aspects of your website or, if you would prefer, we can focus on just one area.

Post Health Check

Once we have completed our health check, you will be provided with a comprehensive report that details our findings and recommendations for any remedial work that needs to be undertaken.

We have a strong track record in inheriting websites developed by other agencies, and overseeing the implementation of design and development improvements that bring commercial results.