Why Choose Umbraco as Your Content Management System?

Calling all those who manage the content on a website, whether you’re a marketing manager, executive or assistant, digital marketing professional, business owner, or anyone who is looking for a new website. This article is for you!

Why Use a Content Management System?

Firstly, why all the fuss about a Content Management System (CMS)? Well, a CMS makes managing your website easy! A CMS is a piece of software that is integrated into your website that gives you control of the content that is published.

A high-quality CMS gives you a high level of control and flexibility over your website, the ability to easily add and refresh content on your website, create new pages, upload imagery, modify page layouts, launch blogs, integrate ecommerce functionality and much more.

Why Choose Umbraco?

Umbraco is a powerful CMS which can be used to launch modern, responsive websites. With Umbraco, the level of control is limitless. There are over 750,000 websites built on Umbraco, and there are plenty of reasons why:

  • Managing content is a breeze with Umbraco - you can easily & efficiently upload and publish content. The system is intuitive and, therefore, you do not require any technical knowledge to update or manage content on your website.
  • You can add/edit/delete content as frequently and whenever you like.
  • You can schedule for your content to be uploaded at specific times.
  • You can provide permissions to different people in your organisation to manage different sections of your website. For example, you could give the PR team the ability to manage your “News” section, your HR team the Careers pages, and your Marketing team the control of your Product pages
  • Umbraco has a media library where you can manage all your images and videos, and organise them into different folders for different parts of the website.
  • SEO: Your website will be ready to start optimising for search engine ranking from the day it launches, giving your website a boost over other websites that cannot boast the same level of optimisation.
  • You can access your CMS from anywhere in the world and on any device, whether you’re in the office, at home or on your daily commute. In contrast, with a static HTML website, you will be reliant on another company’s availability.
  • Security and Maintenance: Content management systems use databases to store information which is a much more secure way than having a static (hard-coded) HTML website.
  • Umbraco allows for seamless integration with booking systems and payment technology which is perfect for e-commerce websites!

CSI Media & Umbraco

Here at CSI Media, we are an official Umbraco partner with a team of Umbraco certified developers who can build the website of your dreams and integrate key functionality.

We have 24 years’ experience in designing and developing websites, which have recorded over £1 billion in transactions worldwide.