App Development

Here at CSI Media, our team of designers and developers create beautifully designed apps for Android and iOS devices.

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Bespoke Apps

Our app developers have experience in developing custom, cross-platform apps that are compatible with Android and iPhone devices. From information-based apps through to feature-rich apps with advanced functionality, we can design and develop an app tailored to your specific requirements.

App Development

App Functionality

We can develop and incorporate custom functionality for your new app. Examples include booking functions, geolocation, push notifications, and an array of e-commerce functions. Furthermore, our team have experience in handling a countless number of third-party integrations including APIs, XML and JSON.

Mobile App Development for Sociaballs

Omni-Channel Delivery

As consumer behaviour evolves, brands need to reach customers via multiple touchpoints. Therefore, if you’re looking for an app to supplement your new website, we can implement a Headless solution to support omni-channel delivery, meaning that you can publish content to your website and app via the same Content Management System.

Web App Development for Sociaballs

Android Apps

We write apps for Android devices including Samsung, Amazon, HTC, Sony and Google Pixel. Our app development team are proficient in Java and Kotlin, the official programming languages for Android devices.

App Development Android Apps

iOS Apps

We develop iOS apps for Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, and the Apple Watch. Our app developers are proficient in Swift, the official programming language for iOS apps.

App Development iOS Apps