Here at CSI Media, our team are proud to have designed a unique UI for a new and exciting sporty app called Sociaballs, due to be launched in the coming months on IOS and Android platforms.

The Brief

Have you ever been a player short for your team? Well, gone are the days of turning up to seven-a-side football with three players and getting thrashed 8-0! Or fielding for cricket with six sorry souls...

Richard Nash, director at CSI Media, is the brainchild of Sociaballs, but where did the idea come from? “I play in a 7-a-side football team and every now and then we’ll get a text from one of the guys saying that they can’t make it tonight because <insert excuse here>”, leaving us having to find a replacement or, worse, play with a team of six… we are bad enough with seven! I also coach my son’s cricket team where we sometimes encounter the same problem."

Sociaballs App Design Account Sign-Up Screen
Sociaballs App Development Notifications Page Design
Sociaballs App Development Logo Design


The Sociaballs app provides a unique and immersive experience for coaches and players alike.

A bright colour-scheme and vibrant logo form part of a distinct visual identity. The design has gone through several iterations to improve the UX with lots of neat features & functionality added to make an even more immersive experience.

Our favourite features include the ability to organise fixture lists, a messaging platform to communicate with teammates, and the ability to find last-minute replacements!

The app is due to launch later this year on IOS and Android platforms.

Sociaballs App Football Pitch Centre Circle
Sociaballs App Profile Page Design
We are really-excited about our first ever mobile app - this shows that the skill of our development team extends beyond the realms of web and software development into new and innovative avenues. We look forward to creating fresh and exciting apps for our clients!

Richard Nash, Business Director, CSI Media

Sociaballs App Mobile Design for Sign-Up, Profile & Menu