Here at CSI Media, our team are proud to have designed a unique UI for a new and exciting sporty app called Sociaballs, due to be launched in the coming months on IOS and Android platforms.

Sociaballs App Football Pitch Centre Circle
Sociaballs App Profile Page Design

Project Brief

Sociaballs is the brainchild of Richard Nash, our business director. As coach of his son’s cricket team, and a 5-a-side footballer (with two left feet!), Richard was inspired to deliver a sport-management solution for coaches and players alike to help organise matches, find last-minute replacements, and communicate with team mates.

Sociaballs App Mobile Design for Sign-Up, Profile & Menu


Have you ever been a player short for your team? Well, gone are the days of turning up to seven-a-side football with three players and getting thrashed 8-0! Or fielding for cricket with six sorry souls...

Sociaballs, a new social app allows players and coaches for every team sport to manage their team, organise fixture lists, communicate with teammates and find last-minute replacements!

With an eye-catching and slick interface that’s easy to navigate, our designers and developers have done an excellent job!

Sociaballs App Design Account Sign-Up Screen
Sociaballs App Development Notifications Page Design

Richard Nash, Business Director, CSI Media

We are really excited about our first ever mobile app - this shows that the skill of our development team extends far beyond the realms of website and software development into new and innovative avenues. We look forward to creating fresh and exciting apps for our clients!
Sociaballs App Development Logo Design