Cormar Carpet Company (B2C)

The Cormar Carpet Company is one of the UK’s leading carpet manufacturers. Founded by Neville Cormack in 1956 - a pioneer of tufted carpet who was awarded an OBE in recognition for his services to the industry - Cormar now have over 3,000 stockists across the UK. Their continued growth is embodied by the award of the Flooring Innovation Award in 2021.

The Challenge

Following the success of the B2B Trade Portal - a bespoke system we developed for Cormar that is central to their B2B operations - Cormar approached us to design and develop a new B2C website. The previous website had become dated from a design and UX perspective. As 70% of carpet consumers search online before visiting carpet retailers, Cormar required a new website that inspired users, helped people to find their nearest Cormar retailer, and order samples.

Users are more likely to browse the web on mobile and tablet devices now, particularly in a B2C context. Therefore, an exceptional and intuitive UI across the latest devices and browsers was critical. Finally, the new website needed to improve brand visibility and incorporate functionality to support key business and sales processes. 

Carpet Sample Swatches
New Carpet and Tray of Coffee Mugs

Umbraco Website

Considering the aesthetic nature of the product, we placed great importance on the look of the website, working in collaboration with Cormar during the design phase to create a clean and immersive digital journey. The new website is built on the Umbraco content management system (CMS). We created a set of design components with different layouts, combining text and media elements. These components can be grouped together and collated in any order, giving the client the flexibility to create unique landing pages. With Umbraco, the marketing team at Cormar now enjoy a high-level of autonomy over content on their website, enabling them to deliver an engaging digital experience.

Carpet Inspiration.

Users can draw inspiration for their next carpet by visiting the Inspiration page - where ideas and suggestions are presented in distinct categories including Family-Friendly Carpets, Striped Carpets and Lounge Carpets - via a custom teaser component that we designed. Furthermore, Cormar present their expansive collection of carpet ranges via teaser blocks, helping users to choose the perfect carpet for their home.

Ordering Samples

Carpet samples are a big influencer for people when choosing a new carpet and, therefore, the sampling process is an integral part of Cormar’s operations. We implemented a custom basket system to facilitate this process and now, customers can select three carpet samples based on type, colour, room and price, and add them to their basket!

The Umbraco CMS records details of prospective customers who have requested samples, enabling the marketing team to follow up with targeted emails. It is critical the sampling process runs smoothly, is efficient and precise. Therefore, sample requests are automatically forwarded to the sampling department via email with all the relevant details: name, address, and which sample/s to send. 

Find a Retailer

This tool enables prospective customers to find their nearest Cormar retailer via an integrated postcode lookup tool. Users enter a town, county or postcode and the system returns the 10 nearest retailers with key contact information, a clickable web address and a Google Maps preview. The team at Cormar can easily add new retailer records in the Umbraco CMS.


Blog articles are an important marketing initiative for Cormar. Customers can find carpet maintenance tips, and an insight into the world of interior design with imaginative décor ideas. Our design components allow the marketing team at Cormar to create engaging blog articles with interesting layouts, combining a mixture of text, images and call to actions. Furthermore, blog articles are a useful SEO tool that help drive organic traffic to the website.


The new website won Gold for Cormar in the Marketing category at The National Flooring Innovation Awards 2018. This excellent achievement rewards the collaborative effort of the Cormar and CSI Media teams and their originality, creativity, and dedication to the project. Moreover, in the first year following launch, Cormar recorded the following metrics compared with the previous 12 months:

sample requests, a 78% increase
more mobile users
more tablet users