Cormar Carpets B2B

Client & Brief

Cormar Carpets are the UK’s largest carpet manufacturer and B2B carpet seller. In 2015, Cormar Carpets approached our team at CSI Media about re-designing their website and redeveloping their existing trade portal; the online platform for selling their range of carpets, managing their invoices and processing payments. Their previous platform was dated, non-responsive in places and didn't have that special, creative lure. The aim was to attract new customers with an eye-catching design, but also to implement a smooth and efficient trade portal.

Along with the new trade portal CSI Media would be required to provide an integrated marketing campaign along with the launch. The campaign would be done in 3 stages, the first a message letting potential users about the upcoming launch, the second on the day of the launch and the final message being set 2 weeks after launch to follow up with users who hadn’t yet moved onto the new platform.

Cormar Carpets Website Design
Cormar Carpets Mobile UI
Cormar Carpets Tablet UI


We redeveloped the existing trade portal on a brand new CMS solution using existing web services that allow agents to sign-up, place orders, manage invoices and account details as well as provide a sales tool to B2C customers when ordering samples. The new trade portal was designed to be usable across all devices, enabled by the new responsive design. We accompanied the main development project with a series of marketing initiatives. A Campaign was created to inform existing trade portal users and existing Cormar Carpets clients currently not using the trade portal of the upcoming updates and features.

We followed this up with a launch campaign once the new portal went live. This was followed by a final email campaign to all of the potential customers that had yet to move over to the new portal. We were also commissioned to produce pop-up banners for an exhibition at the ecommerce convention in London and brochures to both send out to existing customers and hand out at the exhibition.


The new trade portal was nominated at the 2016 ecommerce awards, there has been a huge uptake of new and existing customers moving onto the new platform where 40% of all purchases are now made through the trade portal equalling more than £50million in sales.