Cormar Carpets B2B

Cormar Carpets is a leading British manufacturer of carpets. With over 240 employees and a fleet of 60 vehicles, the company proudly continues to manufacture and distribute carpet from its two mills in Lancashire, supplying to most good carpet shops throughout the UK. Ranking as one of the top tufted carpets manufacturers, Cormar Carpets have amassed over 40 carpet and flooring industry awards.

Project Brief

Cormar Carpets required a new trade portal, the ecommerce platform for selling their range of carpets. Their previous portal was dated and non-responsive, and the aim was to develop an efficient system on a well-designed interface. Furthermore, we were tasked with creating a marketing campaign to promote and support the launch of the new trade portal.

Solution - Trade Portal

The B2B trade portal was developed with custom requirements and provides carpet suppliers & shops across the country with a modern, and efficient ecommerce experience on a well-designed interface. 

The trade portal has a responsive design, meaning that users can order carpets in a just few simple steps on any device, whether it’s desktop, tablet or phone. They select their required carpet specs (style, cut, etc.), with real-time stock control.

Furthermore, the trade portal integrates logistical processes, where users confirm delivery dates & times, and receive email notifications with updates. Users can also find proof of delivery, view and pay invoices, whilst the system automatically controls credit levels.

Finally, a new-industry feature was developed which cleverly allows retailers to use the website & trade portal in front of their customers, who can easily order carpet samples.

Marketing Campaign

We created a marketing campaign which promoted the new trade portal to new and existing clients. This included email campaigns, a video tutorial, exhibition banners and a brochure.


The new trade portal has been an instant success. There has been a 300% increase in business with ecommerce transactions amounting to tens of millions of pounds.

Furthermore, despite the vast increase in sales, Cormar Carpet’s employment costs have remained consistent, owing to the system’s automation.