Bespoke Software Development

At CSI Media, we understand that each business has unique requirements that are likely to surpass the capabilities of off-the-shelf solutions. That’s why we specialise in the craft of bespoke software development, delivering tailor-made solutions to your specific business requirements.

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Bespoke Software Development

As a leading software development agency, CSI Media build all types of software including booking, CRM, e-commerce, ERP, logistics, PIM, online marketplace, and web portal solutions.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, including national charities, SMEs, and FTSE-100 corporations, helping to support their unique workflows with the implementation of entirely bespoke software solutions.

Custom Workflows, Functionality & Integrations

We design workflows that match your specific business processes, whilst custom functionality may include authentication, bookings, customer and member management, multilingual functionality, personalisation, product management, and resource planning.

Finally, our Developers can also integrate your new software with pre-existing systems. Popular requirements include integration with accounting, CRM, and ERP platforms.

Software Development Process

Our team follow ISO-9001-certified development processes that have been refined over 25 years.

We begin the software development process with a Discovery phase where we work with you to understand your business and its unique workflows, the software’s end users, and your technical requirements, both functional & non-functional. This is usually followed by a Technical Specification to plan the technical approach for complex areas of the system.

The next stage is the Design & UX Phase, where our Designers create initial concepts for a key area of the system to decide on the look and feel of your software. Then, we will design all workflows and areas of the system. The process is iterative; we share all designs with you to review and provide feedback.

The Design is followed by several development and testing phases: Front-End Implementation, Application Development, Internal Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and Live Deployment.

Finally, when you partner with CSI Media for your software project, you will be assigned a dedicated team comprising three experienced resources: a Technical Lead, a Project Manager, and a UX Designer. These resources will be selected based on your requirements and business sector and their corresponding experience.

Our Experience

Since 1998, we have successfully implemented over 200 custom software and web solutions. Our client base is broad, and we have extensive experience working with companies across the following sectors: automotive, finance, manufacturing, sport, retail, technology, transport, tourism, and travel.

Recent bespoke software solutions include an e-commerce portal for Luceco, an auction-style marketplace for AutoTrader’s Motor Trade Delivery, a cross-business solution for The Bland Group and their Hovertravel brand, and bespoke portals for several clients including Bioedit, Nexus Security, SG Gaming, and Universe Technology.

Exposure to such a wide range of businesses means that we are usually able to grasp complex processes fairly quickly - and architect brilliant technical solutions.