Bioedit provides language editing services to researchers working in medical and life sciences. Since 2001, Bioedit have reviewed over 30,000 manuscripts, aiding authors worldwide to publish their important findings in the top scientific journals.

The Challenge

Bioedit partnered with CSI Media to develop a new website and accompanying portal. The previous website was dated from a visual and ‘experience’ point of view; it no longer effectively conveyed Bioedit’s services, nor reflected their proficiency and quality of service.

This platform is fundamental to Bioedit as it supports the entire customer journey, and the goal was to provide a seamless user experience for all stakeholders – authors of journals (customers), editors, proofreaders, and Bioedit’s internal support team - by delivering a new website and integrated portal.

As an online business operating exclusively in export markets, mainly in the Far East, having an attractive, clear and well-featured website is essential for Bioedit.
Fran Donnelly, Web Editor - Bioedit

Our Solution

Bioedit offers several different levels of editing services. Authors can choose from one of three distinct service tiers: ‘basic’, ‘standard’, or ‘premium’, in addition to their required turnaround time of either ‘2 days’, ‘4 days’, or ‘7 days’. Furthermore, authors can opt for supplementary features including ‘pre-peer review service’ and ‘plagiarism check’. These packages and options are created by Bioedit’s internal team inside the new back-office admin.

The new system supports the entire workflow; following registration, an author can sign into the portal, select their desired editing package, and submit their manuscript. This request is shared with a Bioedit administrator to provide a quotation. If the author is happy with the quotation and would like to proceed, they are invited to make a secure payment.

Upon receipt of payment, the Bioedit administrator will assign the task to an editor – to edit the text for clarity, concision, and accuracy. The text is then shared with an English graduate proofreader to ensure it meets Bioedit’s high standards. Once the manuscript is ready, the author can download their edited document(s) via the portal.

The new system incorporates several further pieces of functionality including online payments, the ability for Bioedit to create discount codes, a multi-currency feature, and multi-lingual functionality to publish content in several different languages, enabling Bioedit to serve their global audience. We also migrated all pre-existing members from the previous system to the new system, to ensure a seamless transition and uninterrupted access to Bioedit’s services.

Finally, our designers created 16 custom components which enable Bioedit’s team to build custom landing pages to present the service, how it works, and help & support.