How a School Website Can Save Time and Money

Time and money are two things that are always in short supply. However, one way to save time and money is through your school website

Virtual learning environments (VLEs) are becoming better all the time, and the benefits are real. Here are some ways you could make time and money savings through your website by incorporating a VLE. 

Ways a VLE Can Save Time

There are many ways in which a VLE can cut back on time-extensive tasks to make life easier for teachers and students. At CSI Media, we provide this through our dedicated Schools Cool school website design service. The time-saving possibilities include:

  • teachers can send notes and resources directly to the students rather than handing them out in class;
  • grades, results and reports can be posted on the system allowing parents to track the progress of their children online;
  • the register can be taken online so you can instantly see statistics about truancy;
  • private reports can be shared with parents and students without the need to arrange a face-to-face meeting;
  • students can submit work directly through the system rather than having to find the teacher to deliver it;
  • feedback can be distributed to students rapidly without having to spend time doing this during the class;
  • teachers and students can discuss ideas and issues online without having to arrange time to sit down in person;
  • parents can fill out forms, provide permission for school trips and submit consent forms online;
  • parents can also pay for school meals or trips;
  • appointments for parents' evening and other meetings can be arranged through the system;
  • people can use the system to find out about details of events and school news;
  • if students cannot attend a class, they can access the work for the missed lessons online and catch up in their own time.

Ways a VLE Can Save Money

Any way that time can be saved should be considered a way to save money, and many of the above time-saving benefits are therefore relevant. In addition:

  • your school can cut down on the need to print and photocopy materials to hand out in class;
  • there is less need to send out physical notes and letters to parents and students because they can access the information online;
  • you may be able to save money by communicating electronically with parents rather than calling them by phone.
Also Consider an App!

As well as incorporating a VLE into your website, you could also consider launching an app, which may be able to help you make time and money savings. An app could be used to send messages in the form of push notifications, which can cut down on the need to send text messages or make phone calls. Find out more about App Development!

Get More From Your Website

There is a good chance that you can get more from your website and use it to save time and money. Speak to a designer familiar with VLEs and see what they can do for you because there are many possible benefits involved, and the time and money savings can be very tempting.