The Importance of a Logo

A logo is a visual symbol that represents your organisation. A good logo is a powerful, visual symbol that achieves memorability and effectively communicates your brand identity. In our latest blog article, we discuss the importance of a logo...

A Logo

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “an emblem or other small design adopted by an organisation to identity itself”, the importance of a strong, well-designed logo cannot be understated.

Think of McDonald’s and their famous golden arches, Nike and the swoosh, or Adidas with their distinct stripe pattern. In fact, think of any company or brand which you have interacted with, whether multinational or local, and you’ll probably be able to identify key components of their logo. This is a significant point because it enforces the power of visual elements.

Brand Image & Brand Identity

Your brand image is the way your target market, or the general public perceives you. Your brand image is composed of multiple facets including, but not limited to your advertising, public relations, corporate social responsibility, pricing strategy, brand personality, and marketing communications.

You will have varying levels of control over each of these - for example, your pricing strategy may be influenced by external factors outside of your control including the level of competition, or governmental legislation. On the other hand, you’re likely to enjoy much greater freedom in determining your brand personality and how you want to convey your company.

However, one facet of brand image that is arguably completely within your control, is your brand identity. Your name, tone of voice, typeface, and logo.

It is imperative that companies are visible within a sea of competition, and successful companies who build valuable relationships realise that developing a coherent, memorable brand identity is key to standing out.

A designer creating icon design concepts

The Power of a Logo

Although there are exceptions, most logos will promote the company’s name so that an association can be established between the visual and the semantic. Your logo may give an insight into your target market - what type of consumer you're hoping to attract. For example, luxury brands including Asprey, Aston Martin and Rolex, effectively communicate the grandeur of their brand via the design of their logo.

A logo can give an insight into your brand personality, potentially the product or service you're offering and could have the ability to evoke memories or emotions... Furthermore, the use of colour within a logo can help to identify the target market and brand message.

PLUG: See some of our logo designs.

Big Business

As we have established, brand identity is imperative to an organisation’s success. Some organisations take it mega-seriously, and spend astronomical sums on designing a logo….

  • BP - £4.6 Million
  • BBC - £1.02 Million
  • Pepsi - £800,000
  • London 2012 - £625,000
Logo Design Pepsi Logo on Product

Our Branding Services

Here at CSI Media, our team of designers and marketers have lots of experience in crafting memorable brands that effectively communicate your company’s personality, product and ethos.

We take brands from conceptualisation to realisation.

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